Florian Rousseau is a famousFrench athlete and track cycling legend! His sporting successes? 10 times world champion and 3 Olympic titles for this humble athlete who has set French domination in track cycling!


13 majors titles later Florian Rousseau remained a cycling lover after an incredible career. He still trains and likes as us the cycling textile world


It is an honor for G4 to be able to count one of the most titled athletes such as Florian Rousseau among our brand ambassador! We met a person with exemplary humility and accessibility.






Geoffroy Lequatre asked Florian Rousseau some questions to discover his link with G4!


Florian, do you still have fun riding on the track? :

"Yes, I especially enjoy riding and playing on track with young riders from Créteil club (France). I do not train them, but it's just the pleasure of sharing with them my passion."


How did you discover G4? :

"I heard about the brand few years ago, but it was mostly you who made me discover it, who told me about your story."


Do you still like to be performant on a bike? :

"It is no longer the notion of performance that attracts me, rather the personal challenges on the road: a mountain pass, a 200km ride and to share the road with friends. Do not forget as well it's always important the coffee break during training! I still like the feeling of speed and also feel my body when I make an effort."


It is a pride for us that you are our brand ambassador, did you know that you were my idol when I was in the rank of the young track riders? :

"Thank you, I did not know it, I'm proud to wear G4 and of course i'm a fan of your career as professional cyclist and your new professionnal activity!"





Florian Rousseau has tested many of our collections as a brand ambassador. It's time to discover his favorites!


For the summer, Florian opts for a G4 ranges classic, the sober and elegant Luxe collection. Its technical skills and class make it an historical brand outfit!


For the winter, Florian Rousseau has the same opinion as our ambassador Matthieu Converset! For him, the Archange collection stands out for its extraordinary technicality and its innovative and daring design.


As the G4 collections are not limited to cycling outfits, he chooses the night-blue t-shirt and polo in our sportswear ranges to stay chic and stylish after his rides.



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