Le Tour des Alpes-Maritimes édition 2024

G4 official partner of the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes And The Var Classic

G4 is proud to be an official partner of the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes and the Classique du Var for their 56th edition. A colorful partnership, since the Tour 06 is one of the region's only professional cycling events, along with Paris Nice. Which ties us all the more closely to this race, since G4 is founded by Geoffroy Lequatre, a former professional cyclist with several participations in these historic races to his credit.

The Tour 06, 56ᵉ edition takes place over two days, February 17 and 18, 2024. The Var Classic ,will be organised her on Friday with an exclusive finish at the top of Mont Faron. A major international sporting event during which the world's best professional cyclists will cover more than 300 km through the most beautiful towns and villages in the Alpes-Maritimes.

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Our knowledge at the service of the Tour's leaders

G4 has the great pleasure of making the four leaders' jerseys for the 06-83 Tour. Always in the spirit of elegant performance, the leaders will benefit from high-end jerseys with a sporty and competitive cut, just like their career as a professional cyclist, but always with elegance and the creative spirit of G4.

The genesis behind the creation of these leader's jerseys was to establish our own identity on this Tour 06 and to erect unique symbols in each field of predilection.

The Blue leader's jersey embodies an object of admiration, a trophy that the winner of the Tour 06 will wear with pride. Shades of azure blue and discreet department logos add timeless elegance, while subtly iridescent stripes merge with the colors of the other jerseys, creating a dynamic, sporty harmony.

The best climber jersey, in red with polka dots, adopts a neo-retro touch with pink and orange accents, standing out elegantly at the top of passes.

The best young rider jersey, in purple with stars, breathes modern freshness while celebrating cycling's rising stars.

The best sprinter jersey, in turquoise blue-green with transparent chevrons, symbolizes speed and momentum, fusing elegance and performance.

Maillot bleu officiel du tour des alpes maritimes
Maillot bleu vert officiel du tour des alpes maritimes
Maillot vélo rouge officiel du tour des alpes maritimes
Maillot cycliste Violet officiel du tour des alpes maritimes et du var

The G4 x Le Tour 06-83 collection

As an official partner, G4 has created a line of apparel and accessories for the general public. A high quality equipment reflecting the DNA of the G4 brand, elegance, performance, all in the effigy of the Tour 06-83 dedicated to those who want to wear the colors of the race and support the professional riders.

Discover these G4 x Le Tour 06-83 creations

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