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Shaman, in search of the ancestral wisdom ! Shamanism allows us to connect with the spirits of nature and tap into the energies of the Earth, offering us full harmony with the universe.

The Chamane summer collection is inspired by this mystical universe, encouraging us to find our inner strength. The magic of shamanism symbolises wisdom, healing and transformation, opening the mind to the benevolent energies of the world.

Why nature spirits? Rooted in shamanic traditions, the spirits include the Eagle, the totem animals. Discover the vision of the Eagle, the strength of the Bear, the ferocity of the Tiger and the transformation of the Snake. Open your mind and let yourself be guided by ancestral wisdom with the Chamane collection, for men and women, from our COUTURE range.

Sublime elegance, unparalleled technicality and inspired creativity make this collection a unique work of art.

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Immerse yourself in the shamanic world of the "SHAMAN" collection, where nature spirits and mystical forces reign supreme.

Discover our new collection of cycling clothing, a condensed blend of bright colours, high-performance fabrics, unrivalled creativity and joy. This exclusive collection is a first on the cycling market.

Welcome to G4! We push the boundaries and dare to be different. With our original summer collection, stand out on the road in style and comfort. Carefully crafted animal print designs, complete with pockets and sleeves in beige sport velour. The result is a naturally sophisticated harmony of colours.

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Découvrez la collection Hommes

Découvrez la collection Hommes

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Découvrez la collection Hommes

Découvrez la collection Hommes


The sophistication of Shaman cycling jerseys comes from another dimension, that of elegant, refined performance.

Sporty velour fabric makes a comeback in men's and women's jerseys, giving cyclists an elegant and distinguished look. Lightness is assured for summer thanks to LightMesh and StrechDot fabrics, precisely placed on the sides for better ventilation.

The new summer jerseys feature three back pockets and a zipped pocket, plus a non-slip elasticated waistband to keep the lower back secure and covered.


Shamane is the collection that guides you to full consciousness on the bike, connecting you deeply to the present moment and to the spiritual beauty of the totem animals that surround us.

Space, the final element of our new 2024 summer collection, is no less important. The magic of this universe overflows with surprises and imagination. Let your five senses express themselves, feel the five elements and listen to the vibrations of your body.

Reconnect with the elements and discover Shamane and the spirit of the totem animals through a collection specially designed to awaken and satisfy your spirit.

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