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The GAÏA Gravel bike clothing collection is expanding at G4!

As you can see, G4 is tackling a new discipline, a discipline that is growing in the cycling world: the Gravel. The new Gaïa collection is entirely dedicated to the practice of Gravel, which is a mixture of road and mountain bikes.

The Gaïa collection opens the field of all possibilities by proposing you innovative technicalities and a resistance to all tests! No more well-defined itineraries, the Gaïa collection will take you wherever you want, wherever nature calls you!

Gaia: the goddess of the earth

The Gravel G4 bicycle clothing collection is designed to symbolize Mother Earth, "GAÏA", and its name is a real return to nature. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the Earth, the creator of the world.

As usual, G4 is committed to offering high-performance, designer cycling apparel, with cycling jerseys and cycling shorts that have a story to tell. Again this year, we've created 2 new models of Gravel cycling jerseys. Short-sleeved, non-glittering and more than innovative, they feature 3 cargo pockets and an XXL tote pocket for incredible practicality!

Trendy colors and textures to blend in with the natural landscape of Gravel cycling!

- The AMAZON Gravel jersey is a tribute to the Amazon rainforest, the lungs of the earth, which provide almost 50% of the planet's oxygen. That's why we wanted to dedicate a collection to it.

- The new OPAL gravel jersey is inspired by the beauty of this precious stone, a symbol of hope and purity. A total reconnection with nature, with patterns and colors inspired by the incredible variations of the Opal stone.

The new collections include as well the sand-colored Gravel jersey and a second in black, water blue and pastel.

G4 is not just a manufacturer of cycling equipment, G4 positions itself as a designer who, above all, wants to give meaning to its collections and bring its high-end cycling apparel to life.


An invulnerable resistance

The Gaïa collection puts forward a cycling bib-short predestined for Gravel, offering ultra-resistant fabrics, innovative practicality for your rides, and as always a competitiveness that will amaze your fellow cyclists.

The Gaïa gravel Bibshorts combine a total of six high-end fabrics to give you an extremely durable short. The ceramic insert placed on the entire crotch and front of the shorts improves protection in the event of a fall or snag, for a tough and resilient short. It also limits friction and supports your muscles for lasting comfort during all your bike rides, even those of long duration.

Practicality worthy of a great adventurer

In keeping with the Gravel's desire to travel the world through more remote trails than any other, G4 has thought about what you'll need during your ride. A little food, water, or maybe something to fix your bike?

For this, G4 innovates and introduces four large pockets on the new Gaïa shorts. Two large long pockets on each thigh and two easily accessible pockets in the middle of the back. Ready for adventure!

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