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Unlimited Colors Power!

Discover the sportswear collection for men and women and unleash your unique fashion power with infinite combination possibilities! Over 1944 possible styles for men and over 1008 for women! Dare to mix colors that suit you and let your imagination run wild. Get ready to redefine the rules and create the fashion that's uniquely yours!
vêtements sportswear colorés et stylés pour homme et femme


G4 has designed this sportswear collection so you can express your unique style while having fun with color! Don't be afraid to be bold, dare colors and create unique looks that reflect your personality. Let your imagination take control and get ready to shine with colorful sportswear!


Have fun with colors and combinations!

T-shirts are the ideal starting point for creating original outfits! The Colors Power collection offers a wide range of on-trend colors such as petrol blue, coral, beige and cherry red. Let your imagination run wild by mixing and matching these colors to create unique styles!

Our pants and shorts are also available in a wide range of colors: terracotta, sky blue, khaki or even parma purple. Combine a pair of parma purple pants with a coral t-shirt for an explosion of color, or opt for a petrol blue t-shirt with sky blue shorts for a colorful monochrome look.

Add a sweater or zip-up jacket for an even more fun and complete look! From flamboyant yellow to soothing pastel blue to timeless off-white.

The Colors Power collection also includes polo shirts for men and women, a sportswear staple that's chic, elegant and casual at the same time! The combination of sportswear pants and a more refined polo shirt is the perfect combination for a sporty/chic look.

And don't forget the accessories! Our caps are also available in a variety of bright colors so you can match them with any outfit you choose. They'll add a unique touch of style to your sportswear outfits!

It's up to you to choose your color combinations to create your own style and develop your own unique fashion power!


At last, a sporty rain jacket that protects, keeps you dry and looks great on your bike or on the street! This long rain jacket is made from a high-quality outer fabric specially treated to ensure maximum waterproofing, in addition to its heat-sealed seams.

The inside of the jacket is made from an equally waterproof membrane for added comfort and protection.

Despite its ability to repel water, this sporty waterproof jacket is also breathable, allowing good ventilation and moisture wicking to maintain a comfortable feel during your physical activities. What's more, you'll find vents on the back to accentuate its breathability.

Trench Sportswear


Immerse yourself in absolute comfort with the Colors Power sportswear collection for men and women. G4 has focused on comfort to provide you with a pleasant wearing experience, whether you're on the move or simply relaxing. The key to our collection lies in the meticulous choice of materials. We've selected soft, comforting fabrics that give you a feeling of absolute well-being all day long.

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vêtements sportswear ecoresponsable


Get ready to feel good about yourself while doing something positive for the planet. As part of our eco-responsible approach, we have placed great importance on the choice of materials for the Colors Power sportswear collection, and have opted for organic cotton for our garments.

In fact, all our T-shirts, sweaters and pants are made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it more environmentally friendly and less irritating to the skin. Organic cotton requires less water and preserves biodiversity, helping to reduce the textile industry's ecological footprint.

Our men's and women's polo shirts are also made from the noble material linen. Linen is a natural fiber renowned for its beneficial properties. In addition to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, linen is highly breathable. It allows air to circulate freely through the fibers, helping to regulate body temperature.

With this eco-responsible approach in mind, G4 has selected the finest materials for the Colors Power collection, offering you colorful, comfortable and noble sportswear.


What better way to embrace modern, dynamic style than with a men's sportswear collection?

Sportswear is no longer just for physical activity, it has become a true expression of style. By opting for the Colors Power sportswear collection, you combine the comfort and functionality of sportswear with bold designs and vibrant colors!

Discover the men's collection

Tenue sportswear femme
Sportswear lady


The Colors Power women's sportswear collection isn't just for workouts. It's an integral part of your active lifestyle. It's with you all day long, whether you're playing sports, going out with friends or on a travel adventure. It allows you to move easily from a cycling session to a coffee with friends, while remaining both comfortable and fashionable.

This sportswear collection is designed to fit your active and versatile lifestyle! Flattering cuts, feminine colors and meticulous finishing... So you can feel confident and beautiful, even when you're in action!

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Tenue sportswear femme
Sportswear lady

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