The Graal for all cyclists in search of absolute comfort.

The G4 Pro HD 100 pad was created on the field experience of professional cyclists. It is the result of our research in terms of quality and innovation, in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of comfort. We focused on the minimalist authenticity of our pad to be closer to reality and your need. The house G4 produces itself its Pro HD 100 pads which quality is worth us the recognition of the professional peloton. Thanks to our double memory foam concept, and an anatomical curve developed by Geoffroy Lequatre, we preserve the physics of pro cyclists so that they can cover their 30’000-km’s season. Be protected and ride safely for unbeatable comfort.

The minimalist comfort is the key !

Our concept is simple without complexity. We are seeing more and pads concepts on the market. They are all differents, cut by the middle, different thicknesses and changing densities. We at G4, have made the choice to be simple! We are technical and trendy in our designs but in terms of comfort we wanted to be simple and efficient! Wearing our bib shorts change your cycling life, you are more than satisfied because once tested it is approved! Our G4 PROHD100 skin is unanimous among our customers! and even within the professional peloton.

We have created a clear concept for men. A uniform density with balanced thickness and width, Its'an art to get such at perfect product! We have already used for more than 5 years. Composed of 2 foams, a memory foam and another foam with honeycomb for comfort and ventilation on the surface.

We have succeeded by creating THE ideal skin for you gentlemen but also we develop the same concept for ladies! Geoffroy Lequatre the creator and inventor of this pads tells us: "We want women to roll, move, train, have the same comfort in the same way as men and even Better!

This is why we have designed a female model, more suited to the female perineum. Our majority of female customers are seduced by our PROHD100 skin specially designed and developed for them. The result: undoubted comfort, hypoallergenic, amazing elasticity, effectively transfers moisture, and all seams are hidden to avoid friction.

We are proud to have developed an effective simplicity chamois for men and women!

The pad is by far the most important pressure point of the cyclist - Geoffroy Lequatre has lived it during his career, and you live it on a daily basis. It depends on a good saddle and a pad able to adapt to all types of saddle and to all the morphologies. This is what we have endeavored to create. Our pad is designed in one piece, providing no extra thickness and irritating seams for optimal comfort.


Transfer of moisture.


Double memory foam concept.

An astonishing elasticity.

Hidden seams to avoid irritation

Made from recycled raw materials.

Created for long distance ride >5H 

100Kg/m3 density & durable foam




Did you know? We use the same pad on all our bib shorts, there is no season for comfort! From summer to winter you will be performant. Keep the same benchmarks from one season to the next!
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