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G4 is the premium brand conceived and created by Geoffroy Lequatre; wanting the unthinkable, daring to design and produce a dimension where every tiny detail is of equal importance! A dimension where bike clothing is worn simply for pleasure and performance. A dimension that anticipates timelessness through passion and an insight into the sport. A dimension that renounces obsolescence, wants the best in terms of performance and quality, and braves conventions to produce cycle clothing quite apart from other brands; clothing with a fit and style to give today’s riders a sense of elegant performance.

Literally born on the roads of the Côte d'Azur, the G4 brand is inspired by the values ​​and glamorous heritage of the French Riviera. The sumptuous sea, magnificent mountains, mythical roads and multicultural diversity have defined its character and pay homage to the resolute will of cyclists from all over the world in search of the new way of riding shaped by the house of G4.



Geoffroy Lequatre’s passion and vocation for the bike was sparked early on by his father who introduced him to the joy and magic of cyclo-cross! On the bike, he gained a sense of freedom which encouraged him to make it his living!

This deep love of cycling is at the heart of Geoffroy’s philosophy for life. His attitude, his team-spirit and his talent allowed him to ride as a professional for 12 years at the highest level and, with his results, to shine in some of the best teams. Indomitable, he won the Tour of Britain in 2008, a first place that made people sit up and take notice of him, and his style.



During his career as a professional cyclist, Geoffroy travelled extensively, met many people, and was on a steep learning curve which fed his passion for design and fashion at a time when style did not play a significant role in cycling clothing. His style is both avant-garde, yet also natural, he is on trend with his understanding of fashion, and creates innovative collections that attract the attention of the cycling world.


"Every pedal stroke while training frees my mind, allows me to be creative and in tune with trends, to clarify my thoughts in order to be a visionary."


Geoffroy wisely used his free time and his down time while travelling to races by drawing, conceptualising, designing, creating and testing his innovations. This allowed him to be both productive and in tune with reality. An idealism inspired by different cultures and personalities.


"I always felt that if I was waiting in a hotel room or between flights, I was wasting time unless I escaped into the design process and started to prepare for my future!"



Changing one's life means reinventing it.


Geoffroy's creativity and revolutionary vision have resulted in him creating the G4 brand that takes his knowledge from many years as a professional cyclist and combines it with his desire to always look elegant whatever the circumstance! Follow his example and let him guide you to want the unthinkable.

His long-term partner, Petra, an accomplished international triathlete, trained in international relations and sports management, speaking no fewer than six languages, manages the day to day the development of the brand. In addition, Petra brings a feminine touch to the clothing range allowing women to train, race and ride with smiles on their faces, looking beautiful and as elegant as the guys. The feminine spirit is alive and kicking at G4 where we attach a special importance to our women’s collections to bring to life the modern ideals that emancipated women during the late 19th century.


In 1897, Georges Montorgueilwrote in Les Parisiennes d'à présent:

"The bicycle egalitarian and classless created a third sex. It is not a man, that passer-by in puffed-up breeches, the calf on view, the form free and capped with a boater. [...] Is it a woman? Her bold foot, her quick gait, her hands in her pockets, just as she pleases and without companions, clinging to the terraces, her legs crossed, the daring: she is a cyclist."

These vintage cycling outfits, especially the breeches were the manifest symbol of audacious feminine liberation. The bicycle lead to the emancipation of women. The G4 brand supports female cyclists with its ELLE & G4 concept. We choose to be bold, making beautiful, daring and fashionable cycling clothes which are always elegant.

The house of G4, a custom-made brand in the service of Monsieur et Madame for “la performance élégante.”

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