designed by G4:

Geoffroy Lequatre, a name that was destined to become a brand. Nothing else to do, but establish and develop it. G4 was born under the wings of a genius.
More than a simple brand, G4 reveals the development of Geoffroy’s unique universe.
Lequatre is suitable to everyone.

d+ (technology)

D+ is an additional innovation based on constant research, which is present in our products, which are made of high quality fabrics. As part of G4, D+ completes the entire brand making the dimensions globally unified! (This sentence doesn´t really make sense)


d-Life (life style) :

The lifestyle of G4, where research mixes with harmony in a natural ambience, is a spirit, which came to life through sport and represents all universal values of well-being and comfort.
While seeking liberty, mental peace and physical well-being, G4 simply provides long-lasting delight in life.

d-Next :

Take the power, imagine your future and change the upcoming events. Your answer is hidden somewhere.... in the near future.
Enter your own dimension, discover your own lifestyle!

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