Axel discovered cycling during a 1200 kilometers trip with two of his friends on a bike through the Carpathians (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldavia). This experience deeply marked him, especially the many adventures he had during the trip that made him want to repeat this experience every year a little more...

For Axel Carion, the bicycle is his "time machine" that allows him to accelerate or slow down while allowing him to explore the planet and the different cultures of humanity.
Discovering territories and cultures (or rediscovering them) is what motivates him in Ultra.
Axel likes to meet others on his bike: slowly during the trips, at full speed in the Ultra and at his own pace during his expeditions.


Photo Credit : César Delong Photography

The ultra distance allows him to cross time barriers: "one day seems to contain ten, all the senses are awakened and it is an orgy of sensations, a very addictive concentrate of life so full of variety (landscape, weather, topography, encounters, experiences)".

"Ultra is a pretext to "live more" in a condensed format, an "ultra life" as I like to call it in a way" confides Axel.
His best souvenir by bike is his trip in Peru: the discovery of the National Park of Huascaran and the ascent of the "Punta Olimpica (Olympic Point): a mythical pass of 4 736km!


Photo Credit : David Styv – BikingMan



Axel Carion was born in Chartres, since his age he is passionate about sports: tennis, gymnastics, climbing, running, swimming. After many expeditions around the world, he decided to create the BikingMan: the first world championship of ultra-distance cycling races.

Why the BikingMan? To share this wonderful and rich experience of exploring on a bike and totally surpassing one's limits, which can sometimes help trigger life changes in order to live better and focus on the essentials.

The BikingMan is now a big family of which it is proud, each year many participants, volunteers and staff members come together to share a timeless experience.

Axel is now considered one of the greatest explorers of the planet by bike in search of new adventures and sensations.



Photo Credit : David Styv – BikingMan




The adventure with G4 began in 2019 when Geoffroy Lequatre and his team equipped the BikingWomen and BikingMen with caps: from Corsica to Laos to Taiwan with special editions!
"We're joining forces to make the French bicycle shine!"

And it is dressed from head to toe by G4 that Axel Carion begins the Tour de France in his "Belle Évasion": "I can't wait to push G4 equipment to its last ounce," to meet the Other and the beautiful French landscapes.


Discover the teaser of the Belle Evasion - Axel Carion's 2021 Tour de France by bike!


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