Maarten grew up in Mozambique and has been passionate about cycling since he was a child.
As a young boy on his BMX, he rode his bike through the streets of Maputo looking for speed and somersaults to perform.
With time Maarten realized that his strong point was speed, so he started his career as a mountain bike rider (top 3 in the Netherlands) and when he just missed the OS in 2004 he switched to road cycling.

That's when he turned pro at Skill Shimano in 2006, and then went on to the podiums. That year he won the Tour of Belgium, the Tour of Qinghai Lake, and finished second in the Tour of Belgium the following year and fourth in the Tour of Denmark.

His best result that still inspires him today is his 3rd place in Paris Roubaix in 2011!





Maarten is Dutch, "We Dutch are known to ride bikes all over the country. Our country is relatively flat and small, so it's quite easy and fun to ride a bike and get where you want to go," he tells us. Cycling is therefore part of his culture, even as he grew up in Mozambique his passion for cycling has always followed him and pushed him beyond his limits.
Maarten was a speed skater on ice and during the summer vacations he cycled in the Czech Republic with his friends. Back home they decided to participate in a race and Maarten won it. That's when he knew what his path would be.

"Sometimes life is like surfing, you catch one wave and then you have to catch the next one to keep going. Change is part of my life."


Marteen ambassadeur



 Maarten rode for many years alongside Geoffroy Lequatre, "Geoffroy has always been a friendly and caring companion at the front of the races. One way or another, we always ended up doing more or less the same thing in the races: pulling at the front or fighting to get to the finish in a small group. When he created G4, I was directly interested in this top brand. The appearance of the clothing is unmatched on the market and the quality is unbelievably high and durable! High-end, tight-fitting, beautiful, innovative and functional clothing that will make your trip unforgettable. Looking good has never been so comfortable.
As soon as I saw the first clothes in his hand, I recognized the work of a pro, who designs clothes for cycling!"







His favorite G4 outfit is undoubtedly the Silver cycling outfit: composed of the Archange Silver jacket with 15 ultra technical fabrics and the Storm thermal and reflective tights.

Equipped from head to hands and feet, Marteen loves his G4 reflective leather palm gloves !



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