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Which cycling jersey meets the different needs of women? This is surely the question that each of you is asking when crossing our offer of cycling jerseys for women. Here, all the elements come together to find THE jersey that meets all your expectations.

Ladies, this guide is there to give you answers, to guide you in your choices. After reading this guide, you will know the G4 cycling jerseys at your fingertips. They will be noted by a very precise system concerning the points which seemed to us the most important.





Our Luxe cycling collection is a timeless piece of G4 clothing. Created to pay homage to the glamorous heritage on the French side, it is elegant and efficient. Very technical, the Luxe women's jersey will quickly become the essential of your wardrobe.

Its fabric adapts to the different morphologies of women. In addition to being ergonomic, it is very breathable and promotes aeration of the body to always feel cool despite the high temperatures of summer.

Finally, a reflective pocket was added to the back of the jersey for better visibility on the road. Add to that a Japanese collar for the finishes and you get the superb Luxe women's jersey, the basis of a good cycling wardrobe.



• Humidity transfer.
• Extremely light.
• Reflective pocket.
• Waterproof pocket.
• Japanese pass.


Jersey Femme



Pay homage to the sunset of the Côte d'Azur to sublimate these ladies with natural colors. The Sunwave jersey will accompany you in your practice and will necessarily make you more visible on the road. What could be better than flashy colors to be seen and respected on the roads?

Equipped with its Skin Lycra jersey, the Sunwave women's cycling jersey adapts to different body shapes and gives the impression of a second skin. very light and airy it is completed on the sleeves and the blanks by the new LightMesh fabric.

A technical feat at the service of the practice of these ladies.



• Skin Lycra fabric.
• Light Mesh fabric.
• Ergonomic cut.
• Slightly elastic round neck.

maillot Sunwave




The Prestige women's cycling jersey is quite simply the most technical ever developed by the G4 teams! Sober, elegant, technical and efficient, it stands at the top of our range of women's cycling jerseys.

Three completely new fabrics make up this Prestige cycling jersey for women. To replace the SkinLycra fabric, we used a brand new Stretch Skin fabric, 15% more fitted. Then, on the sleeves, the Lightmesh fabric ensures comfort and aerodynamics. Finally, the stretchDot fabric, designed so that each movement is crystal clear, gives you total freedom.



• Stretch Skin fabric
• 3 back pockets.
• Light Mesh fabric.
• Stretch Dot fabric.
• Reflective pocket.





The "PURE" women's cycling jersey combines the colors of nature, a symbol of purity and freshness, for an obvious elegance. Its aerodynamic cut and its fabrics adapted to the female morphology assure it a technicality and an essential comfort during your efforts.

Equipped with its latest generation SkinLycra fabric, the Pure cycling jersey for women is the basis of our offer. You can only be satisfied with its cut, its ventilation and the material of its fabric.

To maintain the jersey, a 4.5cm elastic band was added at the hips. Light but effective, it allows the jersey to stay perfectly in place. Finally, three large pockets on the back of the jersey will allow you to take what you need for your outings.

Ladies, pay homage to nature while comforting on the road.



• Skin Lycra fabric.
• Evacuation of humidity.
• Elastic 4.5 cm.
• Anatomical section.

pure maillot de velo




Jaipur, the G4 women's sleeveless cycling jersey. Colorful, daring and technical, this women's cycling jersey will keep you cool even under hot weather.

This Jaipur jersey uses an emblematic fabric of our G4 brand, the SkinLycra. Breathable, absorbent and ergonomic, this fabric will highlight these ladies and the color of Jaipur will sublimate them.

For the finishes, an elastic of 4 centimeters will ensure the maintenance of the jersey for a perfect resistance to pedaling. Then find three large pockets on the back of the women's cycling jersey to take with you, the necessary to feed you during your outings.

Finally, the security side is assured on the one hand by the flashy color of the jersey and on the other hand, by a reflective pocket placed on the back. Be visible and elegant and don't neglect performance with Jaipur.



• Skin Lycra fabric.
• 4 cm elastic band.
• A reflective pocket.
• Sleeveless jersey. 

jersey woman jaipur

jaipur maillot cyclisme femme



Pay homage to the rich heritage of our Riviera city, Nice. This is the stated objective of our Nice 1920 cycling collection. The women's cycling jersey in this collection is a reminder of the peaceful life of the people of Nice for years. It is enhanced by an idyllic living environment on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Now on the technical side, this women's cycling jersey is fitted with LightMesh fabric on the sides and sleeves for maximum ventilation and therefore breathability. Then, a SkinLycra fabric, the essential of G4 outfits for adapting to different morphologies, a sweetness, and a perfect outfit.

Pay homage to Nice with this Nice 1920 woman cycling jersey.



• Skin Lycra fabric.
• UltraLine fabric
• Anti UV50 + treatment
• Slightly elastic round neck.

nice 1920 cycling jersey



Allure, the G4 capsule cycling collection, only a few women can have the chance to order it. Elegant, simple and extremely technical, it enters as an iconic collection specific to the G4 brand.

The Allure women's jersey incorporates certain technical features of the sumptuous Intemporel cycling Mallot. Its aero fabric, for example, is equivalent. It is technical, comfortable and elegant. Add to that a compressive fabric at the sides and a side cut for an impeccable fit and morphological adaptation.

This cycling jersey for women is equipped, like all of our collections, with three large pockets. These pockets will be really essential during your long outings. Finally, a waterproof zipped pocket finishes the outfit and gives you the right to take what you need for a coffee break.



• Lined and aerodynamic fabric.
• Compressive fabric on the sides.
• Three large pockets.
• A waterproof zipped pocket.

Cycling woman jersey Allure


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