For all your G4 custom orders you will benefit from a competent and experienced staff and a personalized service. G4 produces for you a complete line of custom high-end cycling clothing for teams, clubs and events.
To begin your quote, please add to cart your quantities by size of each desired product.

Confirm your quote request by completing the form collecting your personal information and details of your project.

For all informations about our products contact us by email at

Our qualified teams take care of your design. We conceptualize your outfits taking into account your expectations and the identity of your club or team.

For you to have a better overview of our products, you have the possibility to request the sending of one or more products of the range custom to determine all the elements necessary to your order. Your products will be available 15 days and require a credit card for security. Samples must be returned on time and in their original condition.

Our team is at your disposal to give you all the necessary informations about our products and our manufacturing methods. Once you have chosen one or several models, sizes and quantities we will provide you with an official quote containing all the details of your order.

If after receiving your quote, you confirm the terms of the contract. You will have to pay 50% of the total amount (Euro zone), or 100% of the total amount (Outside Europe), so that production can start.

The production of your custom order will be led by Geoffroy Lequatre founder and designer of our brand. We guarantee a quality work, we adopt the best techniques of the market, we are surrounded by the best manufacturing houses in the world. It will take between 7 and 8 weeks to complete the production.

For orders made in the Euro Zone, upon shipment of your order, the remaining 50% of the total amount must be paid.

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