The 7 Highest, challenge the valley of Ubaye and join the legend of the 7 Highest!


To be in the legend of the 7 Highest, it's to challenge 7 giants of the French-Italian Alps with more than 2 000 meters. G4 offers you the opportunity to join this brotherhood by crossing these 7 giants in less than 48 hours, you will get the rank of master of 7 Highest.


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The rank of master is deserved and not accessible to all, our itinerary will be dissected in two stages:



Obviously, our offer for this event is not just the road. G4 give you the opportunity to live a human and friendly experience.


The 7 Highest with G4, this event give you the chance to realize this road with a former pro cyclist, our brand founder, Geoffroy Lequatre. Other elements will be added to make this moment unforgettable in the memories.





Discover the exclusive jersey for the participants of this unique event!


A colorful jersey reminiscent of the 7 giants that you will face during this expedition. The natural gradient between red and green synthesizing the effort, the heat, the sunset and the environment of the 7 HIGHEST to have an unforgettable memory of your feat.




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