I've been passionate about cycling for about ten years thanks to my father, I had the opportunity to join a sport-studies section for two years at the Don Bosco Nice high school! This experience allowed me to evolve between the Regional and National levels during my two Junior years. Then, I had to choose an orientation, knowing that cycling could not be my job ... At least not as a professional cyclist!


So I got my Economic degree and turned to studies in Commerce / Communication. I needed a specialization that would allow me to work in the sport's world, ideally in cycling of course! It is after my third year that my story with G4 started!


In parallel, I am a rider in the Rochevillois club, I passed my coaching degree to accompany the young people on the track. I try, every month, to introduce them wich can bring them essential tips on road races.





An Azurean textile cycling brand created by the former professional cyclist Geoffroy Lequatre, what's better opportunity for me?


Because of my cycling passion it is a great privilege for me to be part of this magnificent brand and project. I like to share rides with the G4 Team every month and to be part of shows, events dedicated to the cycling world!


I like G4 for several reasons. At first it's a high-end brand led by a former professional cyclist, in other words, Geoffroy shares his know-how and his anecdotes from the cycling world are always interesting. In addition Geoffroy is someone always accessible which promotes our commitment to the brand. Then the products are always very accomplished with a daring style which makes G4 a unique brand in the cycling world!






It's time to tell you my favorites in G4 ranges!


For summer collections, I like what stands out. Of course, I think that outfits like Art and the new Mumbai collection are my favorites in colored collections. Then for sobriety and pure elegance I would say that the Mediterranean and Instinct collections are my favorites.


For winter, it's without appeal, the Archange collection is simply amazing! The oil color on the jacket and on the bib shorts is splendid. The fully reflective back also ensures optimum safety on the road. All for optimal comfort thanks to G4 Pro 100 HD pad.


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