Hi there, I’m Franceli Corrales, and I’m from San Cristobal Venezuela, I’m 33 years old and currently living in Muscat in Oman.


I’ve been doing sport pretty much all my life! Since being 5 years old, at school always, I enjoyed participating in running competitions. In terms of cycling, I began with the MTB bike 10 years ago, back home in Venezuela. Over the past 10 years however, I’ve taken up many sporting activities as part of a healthy lifestyle: Crossfit, Trekking , Running, Gym , Insanity, Boxing , and of course my BIKE (all to make my body move better). I started to really get into the road bike a few months ago... and let me tell, I instantly fell in love with it!


It’s so much different from MTB, so I’m having very good experience with this, enjoying the speed and the places I get to with friends, like a recent 1100 km tour of France, riding to Borges in the heart of France. Usually I go for a ride 3 or 4 times a week, and in each day I can do about 40km. I practice sports because for me it’s all about just being alive! The sensation after you work out is unique, you feel very good all over, and of course it keeps you in good shape, good health, good vibes.


It’s all about work out, which also brings to your life nice things and feelings: like happiness, smiles, and energy. I also find that it’s a good way to meet new people that enjoy much the same things as you, it’s a social thing! It also creates more confidence in yourself, and you can see now, much you are improving, becoming able to do more and more stuff.





 I can see that G4 have a really good design and perfect material for each kit. When I’m using it, you can notice the difference with others brand, if you use it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Like a beginner of a road bike girl, it means a lot to me to be an ambassador for this great brand, based in Europe.


I feel very proud to wear all the stylish designs and to show the world that you can ride comfortable and looks pretty at the same time.





All the products that G4 have are my favorite – haha! However, I guess that I have a special one, and it is the black jacket, I just love it! It works superbly for all weather (cold and sunny) it just fix perfect for each one. It’s very interesting that you can choose any kit, even custom kit, and it depends maybe where you are, or how you feel. That means, if you feel very happy one day you can pick a colorful kit, or if you are more serious one day just go for a dark colors!


They have everything at G4 for being stylish and performing well too. As I said earlier, wearing it on my long tour of France recently, the bib shorts and jerseys kept my happy all day every day. Take a look at the new ranges and you’ll see what I mean, and keep reading my blogs here on our website.


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