A happy cyclist in his/her cycling apparel is the G4’s raison d’être. This new MUMBAI collection is a tribute to the joy of living.

Mumbai, symbol of Indian melting pot and colorful vibrant festivities, capital of Maharashtra in India. Contrasting and effervescent country. It is on these features that the MUMBAI summer collection for men cyclists has been thought. An alliance of subtle color, warm color shades enhanced by monochromatic sleeves and black cycling bib-shorts. Contrasting and striking, this is how this collection, created by a former professional cyclist for cyclists, could be described. Technicality, design, visibility and safety for an undoubted elegance on the roads!

This summer collection consists of a man cycling jersey marrying colors and joviality thanks to the dominating orange gradient. The symbolism of colors is important for your well-being but also for your safety on the roads. Orange is the sacred color in Hinduism, symbolizing spirituality and purity! Color caste warriors, the wink is here and you will have the necessary equipment to (out)perform! A touch of sobriety is provided in the mid-length sleeves and pockets of this men's cycling jersey with the black colour. Elegance and contrast! The black compression bib shorts for cyclists bring its elegant note, allowing to perfectly embrace the bright colors of the jersey. Technicality and comfort are always met thanks to the G4 100 HD pad cycling technology. Cycling socks use the colors of the jersey to offer a flamboyant orange or azure blue for an explosive pedal stroke!

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