Be a racer, be in the race!

It's the DNA of the French Riviera, its colors represent energy, tone, dynamism, joy, and hapiness. It's also a tribute to the way painters who have embraced a life to create the Côte d'Azur.

Experience a whole new dimension of elegance, with the G4 Art Collection, featuring a luxe cut and a touch of classic, and elegant modernity.

With the Art collection of favorites, cyclists are attracted by these colors of summer. Their innovative cuts, zipped waterproof pockets with a membrane lining, the G4 logo with zips are engraved with lasers

The "skin lycra" fabric as a second skin, aligns the skin and the body for better aerodynamics. It ensures that the cyclist feels fabric soft to touch, and has anti-UV treatment against sun rays.

Our clothes are flexible and follow the movements of the body without hindering or compressing it. And don’t worry about those long trips. We have a surprise for all circumstances, day and night, with the reflective pockets on the back of the jerseys, ensuring that you are always safe, with maximum visibility especially during the night.

Complete the collection with black bib shorts, colourful socks, matching headbands sweatshirt and high ventilated cap.

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