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Unleash Your Cycling Adventure!

From August 16th to 21th, 2023, take part in a unique and exciting cycling experience by taking part in our G4 L'Étape Slovakia by le Tour de France trip. Join other cycling enthusiasts on this epic 5-day journey that will captivate your senses and push your limits.

Experience culture and sport, ride through captivating landscapes, forge new friendships and create lasting memories, and discover Slovak culture and customs. In partnership with Le Raidard, we've meticulously organized every detail to guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, leaving you free to concentrate on the simple pleasure of pedaling and enjoying yourself.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, crossing borders and discovering the hidden gems of these magnificent countries. Taste Slovakian cuisine, stay in a 4* Hotel and Spa, and take part in L'etape Slovaquie for an extraordinary sporting event and adventure. Saddle up for an unforgettable journey!

Voyage etape du tour Slovaquie
Experience etape du tour de france slovaquie


Day 1: Wednesday, August 16,  Upon arrival at Vienna airport, we'll begin our adventure with a first night in bustling Bratislava. Take time to explore the city's rich history and immerse yourself in its captivating culture, and relax in our 4* DEVIN hotel on the banks of the Danube.

Day 2: Thursday August 17, Get ready for a most unusual cycling trip through three countries: Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Discover the diversity of these magnificent countries as you pedal through them, crossing borders and making memories! Bring your passport and language dictionaries!

Day 3: Friday, August 18, On this day, we'll set off for an exotic ride along the breathtaking Danube River. A well-deserved coffee outing in the surrounding villages to take your time and prepare for a weekend of sport!

Day 4: Saturday, August 19, Enjoy a leisurely morning ride, solo or with your partners, before discovering the Etape du Tour village and registering for the race. Take this opportunity to network with other participants, discover the new jersey you'll be wearing during L'etape and soak up the atmosphere in preparation for the ultimate challenge.

Day 5: Sunday, August 20, It's the big day! Welcome breakfast and off you go! The race begins and you'll have the chance to show off your cycling skills on the remarkable course. Enjoy the experience of riding under professional Tour de France conditions, on roads closed to traffic, with refuelling and world-class mechanical assistance. After the race, relax in the village, enjoy a meal and toast our good health and the memories of this extraordinary adventure.

Day 6: Monday, August 21 Departure for Vienna or Bratislava airport, depending on your flight! Thank you for a fantastic stay!

L etape slovakia by le Tour de France medal
parcours l'etape du tour Slovaquie 117km


What is included in your stay:

✔︎ Pick-up from Vienna airport, depending on your arrivals and reservations and places available in our shuttles
✔︎ DEVIN & SPA BRATISLAVA 4* hotel / Half board
✔︎ Spa and sauna wellness center
✔︎ Slovakia stage jersey and G4 socks
✔︎ slot for L'etape Slovakia by le Tour de France
✔︎ gastronomic experience dinner
✔︎ 1 massage
✔︎ Cycling trips with Geoffroy Lequatre
✔︎ Photos and videos to immortalise your moments on the bike
✔︎ Solid and liquid energetic food
✔︎ 2 cycling water bottles
✔︎ Bicycle maintenance and cleaning

Only 12 places available, don't wait any longer to book your exclusive stay with our G4 team.


1750€ Twin room

2390€ Single room

Hotel devin 4 stars Bratislava
Hotel devin spa restaurant


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