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Kid's Life is an ultra-limited collection of cycling clothes. Geoffroy Lequatre, founder and designer for G4, drew his inspiration from his childhood memories. A white cycling jersey, pure as a child's soul. This sweet carefree spirit that we all knew and appreciated so much, accompanied by his drawings with pep and flamboyant colors.

Free your child's soul with Kid's Life, that little voice in your head that tells you to let go and let the magic of eternal youth express itself.

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maillot velo en edition limité
maillot velo en edition limité


Kid's Life is a limited edition collection featuring a men's cycling jersey and a women's cycling jersey, both of which are unique.

Only 15 jerseys are produced for men and 10 for women. An ambitious choice for G4 with a very limited production in very few quantities. Be among the first to seize this opportunity, because the first to arrive will be the first to be served. Get a rare and exclusive cycling jersey with G4's limited Kid's Life collection.

maillot velo collection limitée
maillot de cyclisme G4 série  limitée
Cycling limited collection


The Kid's Life collection offers unique and authentic cycling jerseys. Each jersey is numbered and stamped, making it an exclusive design that only you own. Discover your exclusive Kid's Life jersey number on the back for an even more personalized cycling experience. Be proud of your unique look and be sure there's only one like it! Add a touch of authenticity to your cycling gear with Kid's Life jerseys.

Go for the total white look!

The Kid's Life white shorts are also available for men and women. Create the perfect outfit by opting for a total white look!

Kit velo collection limitée
kit de cyclisme G4 série  limitée


The Kid's Life collection offers inspirational cycling apparel, but also high quality cycling apparel!

The Kid's Life cycling jersey is the result of G4's expertise with a choice of ultra-comfortable and breathable fabrics. An exclusive jersey designed for warm seasons with a new ventilation on the side, thanks to a semi-transparent fabric, which will bring a lot of lightness but also elegance to your style.

You will find in this limited collection of cycling jerseys with refined finishes. Both the Men's and Women's jerseys have lazer cut sleeves. The absence of seams provides a feeling of absolute comfort and freedom of movement on the bike. You will also find three large cargo pockets located in the back of the jersey with large storage capacity very appreciated by cyclists.

The Kid's Life cycling jerseys are anatomically cut to make you look great on the bike. Especially for this collection, the cut of the women's jersey has been further worked to shape the silhouette. An elegant, refined and sporty attitude!

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Cycling limited collection

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