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collection cyclisme Prométhée


Prométhée, to the conquest of the sacred flame!

The Prometheus summer cycling collection pays tribute to one of nature's essential elements: FIRE. Fire represents strength, motivation, passion and the desire to excel. Inexhaustible sources of inspiration that help to open up the mind.

But why the name PROMETHEUS?

In Greek mythology, Prometheus (in ancient Greek Promêtheús, "the Foreteller") is a Titan. An inherited figure of the "transmitter of fire", Prometheus is best known for stealing the sacred fire from Olympus and giving it to humans!

So open your minds and set the roads on fire with the new Prometheus summer cycling collection for men and women, the first collection in our ESSENTIEL range.

Comfort, performance and creativity make this collection unique in the world.

tenues de cyclisme haut de gamme été Prométhée
maillot de cyclisme léger Prométhée


Heat, energy, light... Wear the colors of FIRE!

From bright red to fluorescent orange to fuchsia pink, here are the trendy and glamorous colors that make up this new unisex bike collection. 

Wear color for summer and stand out on the road. The bright colors of the Prometheus collection offer cyclists unprecedented visibility on the road to ensure their safety.

A sober, classic and elegant design that will sublimate each and everyone of you on the bike.

Prometheus belongs to our Essential line, a line based on classic and timeless collections that meet all cycling needs in terms of comfort and aesthetically simple and neat appearance.

Découvrez la collection Hommes

Découvrez la collection Hommes


Technicality is at its peak in this Prometheus collection!

A brand new fabric from G4 is used in these new summer cycling jerseys: Air3D, offering extreme ventilation in the sleeves thanks to its airy mesh design.

All jerseys are made with Lightsquare fabric, which is light, extremely soft and windproof for cycling in all circumstances.

Precise, seamless laser finishing gives the jerseys that minimalist, glamorous touch.


When it comes to cycling shorts, you can choose from our range of "essential" shorts. Create your style! We chose the bright orange seamless compression cycling shorts for oversized comfort and ultimate style!

New to these "essential" cycling shorts for men or women is a half-elastic support on the back of the thighs of the shorts for a controlled fit with a laser finish on the fabric for unparalleled comfort.

And let's not forget the centerpiece that brings all the comfort needed to the garment, the G4 PROHD100 shorts bottom.

The 100kg/m3 double honeycomb foam is suitable for both men and women, meeting the most advanced cycling needs in terms of comfort in the saddle for long distance rides.

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