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The Croisiere collection is THE bold collection at G4. A bright and cheerful cycling collection that will remind you of the craziness of the 70's.

The golden years with their folkloric trends and the freedom to be yourself, without judgment or constraints.
A nostalgic era where joy, gaiety and wonder were the masters of life.

With this new, exclusive and unique capsule collection, G4 wanted to promote freedom, style and originality.

From the color, patterns, elegance and style, for a complete and ultra comfortable cycling outfit to the fashionable and sophisticated look worn on your bike.






You won't go unnoticed with this new cycling outfit, indeed!

From plum purple to bright orange with touches of pink and khaki, for a unique and incomparable cycling kit on the market. You'll be sure to have a good visibility on the roads and a style that you won't want to miss. 

It's creativity that keeps G4 alive, and it's the craziness of the 70s that inspired Geoffroy Lequatre in this avant-garde collection with the Mediterranean DNA of the French Riviera.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 70s, wear color and originality, and enjoy life to the fullest on your bike!

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The Croisiere jersey has been designed with 100% Italian fabrics, quality and lightness to offer you the best possible comfort.
The Skin Lycra fabric is the base of the cycling jersey making it pleasant to wear and light to give you maximum sensations on your bike and breathability.
In addition, you will find the LightMesh fabric on the sleeves which allows you to ventilate in warm weather and to move fluidly.
The Croisière bike jersey will enhance you thanks to its anatomically adapted and adjusted cut that offers you a close fit and support at all times.

The Croisière technical cycling bib-shorts take up the technicality of our flagship bib-shorts: Luxe.
Created from a high-end PowerGain compression fabric for a sheathing effect on the buttocks, thighs, hips and belly for better blood circulation and reduced water retention. These bib-shorts will be ideal for your long and hot cycling outings!

In addition, our G4 bib shorts are incomparably comfortable thanks to the integrated PRO100HD pad, which is meticulously cut with a laser.


Bouton collection croisiere





The "golden years" were true to fashion, overflowing creativity, and carefree! The '70s was also a special time for cycling. Today, we would say that we were dealing with purists, classy champions, carved in marble, where technicality was far from being the highlight of performance ! We had to count on his class, his innate talent and a steel mind ! But above all on his pair of legs !

We wish to inspire you with these sensations of yesteryear and this surprising collection !





The G4 x 70's Croisiere capsule collection is a limited and exclusive cycling collection! Only 70 people for the occasion will have the chance to proudly wear the bold colors of this unique cycling outfit. So don't wait any longer ... There won't be enough for everyone!

How about getting on board with us? Take your ticket and get on board in the 70's with G4!

Bouton collection croisiere

Delivery of the new collection is guaranteed from 15.04.2021

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