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The most identity of our G4 collections, we have created this range of elegant and innovative clothing with the aim of being an identity on the bike! This LABEL COLLECTION outfit is the emblem of our collections, we proudly wear the G4 logo and this creation is a mix of know-how since our beginnings at G4, in order to offer you ever more technical collections for professional outfits . The creation of this "LABEL COLLECTION" is made for you FAN of the G4 brand. We once again combine technicality, modernity and the elegance of classicism.

For men or for women, cycling shorts or cycling jersey, each of the pieces in this "LABEL COLLECTION" is a tribute to G4 in its expertise in cycling clothing.







Why create a G4 "LABEL COLLECTION"? With this G4 "LABEL COLLECTION" kit, we wanted G4 fans and our customers and friends to be able to proudly wear the logo! Bigger than usual we wanted to show the brand while incorporating this new design of small G4 logos, a novelty that Geoffroy Lequatre has created in a couture spirit.!  

 New fabrics, sober and efficient design, always morphological cuts studied to suit all sizes, and all worked in an artisanal way.

The "LABEL COLLECTION" is the original and unique collection of all the 2020 G4 summer cycling range. It is the emblematic collection of the G4 collections.


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Skin Lycra fabrics are once again in the spotlight in this "LABEL COLLECTION". The cycling jerseys and cycling shorts have been created from an assembly of compressive, light and aerodynamic fabrics for an incomparable feeling of support and lightness. These cycling collections have been studied and designed for endurance sports and freedom of movement.

Sober, timeless and elegant, this collection will please and catch the eye of G4 Fans and lovers of classic and timeless elegance.


For the men's cycling shorts, this is a Black printed cycling shorts with a G4 pattern design! A mix of compressive fabrics on the base and printed fabric on the sides of the thighs. These shorts are fitted with TEAM ACTIVE 95Kg/m3 skin


The men's and women's cycling shorts are equipped with our TEAM ACTIVE 95Kg / m3 chamois, one developed for men and the other specially adapted to the female morphology. This skin provides unique comfort on the saddle even after many hours on the road.


Inspired by its environment, Geoffroy Lequatre imagined and designed this outfit in Nice, the cradle of the G4 adventure and its production is carried out in Italy.


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collection prestige été 2020


collection prestige été 2020


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