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Sunwave is a daring and colorful cycling summer collection go G4. It's a burst of color cut for summer and made for the sunny roads of your next rides. Super light on the shoulders and comfortable even in hot weather, the Sunwave cycling outfit is the must-have for summer 2020.

A unique technology associated with light and comfortable fabrics designed to allow you to breathe and ride, even in high and hot weather.



Made for French Rviera roads, 



This cycling outfit will be noticed by its elegance and the liveliness of its color. Sunwave is, in essence, THE super colorful high end summer COLLECTION which will ensure optimal visibility and impeccable elegance on the saddle.

Being original and knowing how to stand out, Sunwave is a collection of cycling colored by the hues of day leaving its place at dusk in a luminous halo, everyday but always as dazzling.


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New fabrics made for lightness and keep the freshness 



The lycra skin fabric on the front of the jersey, provides incomparable lightness and comfort for exceptional sensations and breathability. The adapted anatomical cut offers incredible support and comfort, even in generous sunshine. A brand new LightMesh mesh effect fabric will bring lightness to the sleeves and freshness in hot weather.

The gradient from red to orange then light blue enhances this Sunwave cycling jersey.



The cycling Bib shorts are made with high-end PowerGain compression fabrics, which allows a sheathing effect on the buttocks, thighs, hips and belly for better blood circulation and a reduction about water retention and maintaining the position. The new 3D Mesh fabric on the inner thighs provides lightness and breathability.

The classic Pro 100 HD chamois will ensure optimal comfort, even after several hours on the saddle.


Inspired by French Riviera, Geoffroy Lequatre imagined and designed this outfit in Nice, the cradle of the G4 adventure and production is carried out in Italy.


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