FAQ Attitude Cycling Club

A cycling Club? What's the purpose? How does it work? What are the advantages?

But don't panic, all your questions will be answered in this FAQ about ATTITUDE, the new G4 community Cycling Club.


Why did you create a Cycling Club?

The G4 brand has always been close to its community, whether in the creation of collections or in the sharing of cycling outings, events or large gatherings in the cycling world. Our community is committed and this story of passion deserves to be shared. It is with our values that G4 has succeeded in being born to offer something new in the world of cycling.

You are more and more numerous on the roads and on the networks with us, more and more rides and bike trips all over France and Europe are organized and it is always a pleasure to share these moments and to see your attachment to our brand. So we developed this project for you, to meet all the expectations of a community Cycling Club.

Why the name Attitude?

Because we needed a name! And beyond an identity of its own, an attractive, endearing and mysterious name, ATTITUDE is the perfect representation of this community spirit. Attitude was born from a reflection between the G4 team and Geoffroy Lequatre. We have unique values and a style that resembles us and that must be shared through a community.

This is your Attitude, your Cycling Club. Since its creation, G4 has claimed a unique style and elegance on the bike. Values that are extended with Attitude, which means a way of being, which shows certain feelings or behavior.

Being part of Attitude means sharing a common state of mind. If you are looking for sharing, exchange of experiences, a privileged relationship with an ex-professional cyclist... Then Attitude is for you.

How much does it cost to join the Attitude cycling club?

The price is 79€ for a 12 month subscription.

And after one year, how does it work?

The Cycling Club Attitude membership is valid for 1 year from the date of subscription.

The member will receive an email two weeks before the end of the subscription to renew it. If the payment is not renewed, the member will automatically lose his benefits and the membership will expire.

What are the advantages of this Cycling Club?

ATTITUDE allows you to take advantage of privileged discounts all year round, exclusive collections, previews and ultra-personalized services... on the G4 e-commerce store:

  • 10% permanent discount on the entire site: You get 10% discount on all G4 clothing and accessories, excluding current special offers
  • Exclusive access to the official Attitude Cycling Club collection
  • A free Attitude Cycling Club t-shirt when you register
  • Receive your Attitude Cycling Club membership card upon registration
  • Access to our private Attitude community group
  • Benefit from promotions and offers on our partner brands
  • Receive personalized newsletters

Get even more out of riding with Strava:

With your Strava account, turn your performance into bonuses. Challenges linked to your Strava performance will be organized throughout the year. Ride for miles and earn exclusive discounts!

How do I create a Strava account?

Strava is a downloadable application for your cell phone that allows you to record sports activities via GPS. All you have to do is download the application, which is free, and create a profile by filling in the requested information.

Once your profile is created, don't forget to join our club: G4 RIDE

Who is Cycling Club Attitude for?

Cycling Club Attitude is for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether you ride for fun or for performance, G4 will be happy to welcome you to Attitude.

Performance on the road does not rule here! It is above all a community of passionate cyclists who share G4's values and mindset.

How to join?

It's very simple, just order your membership card on our website and follow the registration steps.

And after joining?

You will receive an email summarizing your membership with your promotion code to be used later for your purchases on our website

How do the G4 rides/outings work?

Many exclusive bike rides will be organized throughout the year. Thanks to the Cycling Club Attitude membership, you will be informed in priority and will be able to share the road with Geoffroy and the G4 ambassadors.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our chat or directly at We hope to count you soon among the members of this beautiful community of enthusiasts. This is a project that we have built around you and that will grow thanks to you!

Ride with Attitude!

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