ATTITUDE Cycling Club : General terms and conditions


The ATTITUDE Cycling Club by G4 is a community Cycling Club that gathers cyclists from all over the world around a common passion: cycling. It offers exclusive access to collections as well as to a set of services reserved for ATTITUDE Cycling Club members.

The membership

Membership in ATTITUDE Cycling Club is subject to the same general conditions as the products of the G4 online store, unless otherwise indicated below.

The membership fee for Cycling Club ATTITUDE is 79€ including VAT.

Membership in the ATTITUDE Cycling Club is valid for 1 year from the date of subscription. The member will receive an email two weeks before the end date to renew his membership. If payment is not renewed, the member will lose their benefits and the membership will automatically expire.

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Credit card, in three installments without charge
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque to the order of G4 SARL

Attitude Cycling Club's services and benefits

  • Cycling Club Attitude membership card.
  • Free Attitude Cycling Club T-shirt.
  • 10% discount on all G4 clothing and accessories, excluding promotions.
  • Exclusive access to the Attitude Cycling Club collection.
  • Community group exclusive to club members.
  • Benefit from offers and promotions on our partner brands.
  • Receive personalized newsletters.


Members of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club must be over 18 years of age.

G4 is the sole owner of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club and is entirely managed by the G4 team members.

G4 is the sole owner of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club and is entirely managed by the G4 team members.

No racist, abusive or harassing behavior will be tolerated within Cycling Club Attitude. Respect and courtesy are fundamental values and must be respected in all situations.

If not, G4 allows itself the right to cancel a membership without refund and ban the member.

Wearing the Cycling Club ATTITUDE uniform requires exemplary behavior on the road, on social networks and off. The member agrees to wear the colors of Cycling Club ATTITUDE in a spirit of mutual respect. If a member fails to respect the above rules, G4 reserves the right to apply the necessary sanctions in proportion to the offending act.

G4 is authorized to use members' data to provide the services necessary for the life of Cycling Club ATTITUDE G4 undertakes not to reveal and disclose private information to third party companies for commercial purposes.

Following a subscription, the member agrees to use his code only for personal use and for his own purchases. Each member is registered with a single email address and must make purchases via this email address.

Membership is specific to each member. Any breach of the rules of good conduct of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club will result in the permanent exclusion of the member.

Membership cannot be transferred or resold to a third party, it is personal.

G4 reserves the right to suspend, cancel, invalidate or terminate membership indefinitely if the member fails to comply with Cycling Club rules.

G4 reserves the right to modify the benefits and the limited and exclusive collections reserved for Cycling Club ATTITUDE.

G4 reserves the right to invalidate a membership application if the applicant does not respect the moral and legal rules of Cycling Club ATTITUDE.

The member grants G4 the right to use his/her image and to post content about him/her for the promotion of Cycling Club ATTITUDE and the G4 brand.

For all inquiries regarding the ATTITUDE Cycling Club, the one and only preferred contact address for members is

Cancellation and refund

A cancellation or refund request must be made within 15 days of the subscription date. The request must be sent by email to

The member may cancel and receive a refund only if he/she has not already received the benefits of his/her membership and in one of the following cases: Serious injury preventing all sports activities, illness preventing all sports activities.

G4 may deduct a registration and shipping fee before issuing a refund. 

For a cancellation request within a period of more than 15 days, G4 will study each situation individually. Refunds will only be possible via a credit note valid on the G4 e-commerce store.

By joining the ATTITUDE Cycling Club, the member agrees to abide by the rules of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club and acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and expressly accepted the above agreement and general conditions.

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