Women are as important as men at G4, so we have developed long cycling shorts to suit all ladies needs. After our cycling jackets guide, it's time for the G4 team to introduce our winter bib tights.


Aesthetics, comfort, cuts ... All our long cycling shorts have been developed to enhance you. Performance is not our only one design concern! We create cycling outfits in which you  can find an exceptional comfort.


What cycling tights fits my expectations? This is surely the question that each of you poses while crossing our offer. All the elements are there to find the bib tights that meets all your needs. To help you in your choice, we rated our long cycling shorts according to specific criteria.


Insulation, securty & comfort.




Let's start with the Simply winter tights, the basis of our offer! This is exactly what you need ladies if you want a winter equipment with quality finishes. It will accompany you perfectly during winter and mid-season.

Its cut close to the body and its neat finishes that  suit to you while bringing you a unique comfort.

Its thermal polyamide fabric allows it to offer an excellent breathability and a perfect protection against winter coldness. Worry about comfort, winter cycling tights for women do not have straps. Hip support is provided by a high cut combined with an elastic fabric.

Of course, like all our cycling shorts, it is equipped with our masterpiece ... The Pro 100 HD pad that will provide you unmatched comfort even after several hours of riding. Our pad is of course adapted to women's morphology.



G4 elastics at ankles.
Reflective fabrics on tights and back.
Pro 100 HD pad.







Distinguished cycling tights are undoubtedly our bestseller, with more advanced technology it meets all cyclists needs.

More technical than our Simply winter cycling shorts, it is composed of three different fabrics. A Carbon fabric at the thighs, a thermal polyamide fabric at the bottom of the legs and a ceramic fabric at the seat.

The goal is twofold. At first, the Distinguished bib tights are "warmer" than the Simply thanks to its Carbon fabric at the thighs. Then, the ceramic fabric at the seat allows a unique comfort and a longer durability to your cycling shorts.

With a new slim fit, this winter bib shorts shapeyour figure to give you a unique appearance on your bike. The support system is the same, a high cut with an elastic fabric for a good support at the hips and buttocks.

These winter cycling tights also have a better safety and comfort aspect than Simply tights thanks to its reflective tape over the seat and zips that allows you to both be seen and remove your tights easily.



 Zip tight with zip clasp.
G4 elastics at ankles.
Reflective trim on the hips.
 Flexible stitching on outer seams.
Pro 100 HD pad.







Angel is in addition to being the most sophisticated cycling collection in the world, the one that will highlight you the most, the one that will differentiate you from other cyclists thanks to its innovative design. A petrol and reflective fabric during dark weather for a touch of elegance and originality by G4.

Angel is simply the most sophisticated women bib tights! The Angel long bib shorts are a technical and aesthetic feat composed with 7 different fabrics to ensure an optimal support during your winter cycling rides.

These bib shorts have the same cut as our Distinguished range and have reinforced carbon fabric protections in at the thighs and ceramic inserts at the seat. All associated with technical fabrics with a windproof and water-repellent membrane.

Worries of comfort, no strap for you! A high cut combined with an elastic fabric at the hips are there to ensure you the best possible support and shapes your figure.

Naturally, the Pro 100 HD women's pad, specially developed and designed for you ladies, is there on these exceptional winter cycling tights.



 Zip tight with zip clasp.
G4 elastics at ankles.
 Reflective fabric on thighs and back.
Pro 100 HD pad.





The green cycling tights for women have the same technical and performance features as the Simply black long shorts.
A comfortable, pleasant and elegant insulating cycling tights.

Comfort provided by its PROHD100 chamois, a feminine chamois different from the needs of men.
As well as its technical and high quality Italian fabrics that will provide the cyclist with lightness on the bike, insulation and protection from cold and wind.
Perfect finishes, and an anatomical V shape foundation cut to fit every body type and provide good support without the need for straps.

With its touch of elegance thanks to its green color, these women's cycling tights are a real cycling fashion piece for ladies!



 Italian technical insulating fabrics.
G4 PROHD100 pad.
Protection from cold and wind.
V Shape foundation.






Ladies, the new Checkmate construction of these women's cycling tights gives you excellent stretch for long-lasting comfort. A unique Superoubaix checkered technical feature on the top of the top of the line long shorts makes this women's cycling garment a true cycling fashion piece.

Added to this, an anatomical cut designed specifically for women to meet all female needs. A V shape construction that rises to the level of the pelvis for an excellent support on the bike.
As well as the flagship skin of G4, the female skin PROHD100, which will provide a high level of comfort to the cyclist.

For the safety part, a reflective strip has been placed at the buttocks to ensure good visibility on the road and a touch of elegance for a stylish sportswear high-end.



 Checkmate checkered construction.
 Anatomical V shape feminine cut.
 Reflective fabric on the buttocks.
Chamois leather PROHD100.





Aquazéro cycling tights are the first women's cycling tights with suspenders from G4!
Ergonomic, anti-allergenic suspenders guarantee excellent support on the bike without irritation, discomfort or pressure on the shoulders.

These two long cycling tights are made from our top-of-the-range technical fabric, Superoubaix, offering remarkable stretch for freedom of movement on your bike. This warm fabric provides an effective barrier against winter cold, ensuring your comfort down to temperatures of -5°C!
For optimum ventilation, the back is equipped with Xventilated fabric for enhanced breathability during your outings. 

What's more, the surface has a water-repellent treatment to guarantee protection against the elements!


Warm, elastic Superoubaix fabric.
Comfortable feminine PROHD100 skin.
Non-allergenic, ergonomic shoulder straps.
Close-fitting anatomical cut.
Water-repellent treatment.
Jacquard elastic at ankles for good support.




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