Larisa Chinces Ambassadrice Cyclisme G4 Dimension maillot cuissard





Larisa Chinces Ambassadrice Cyclisme G4 Dimension maillot cuissard

My name is Larisa Chinces, I live in Sibiu, Romania. I am 22 years old and I’m a student first year of the Master’s Degree Program of the Physical Education and Sport’s University. I was a professional speed skater for about 8 years or so, in which time I had numerous national champion titles and records.

At the age of 16, I had to quit skating due to a foot surgery and afterwards I started cycling. Moreover, in my free time I love to travel and discover new places, with bike or ski touring. I also test and review cycling clothing and accessories online, working on the volunteer cycling website Doing lots of sport all the time, I also have official certificates in teaching fitness and indoor cycling, both available internationally.


I started serious cycling 3 year ago, and first I raced in mtb competitions, and then also on road. I am constantly training 3-4 times a week on both disciplines, on mountain bike and road bike. I train in gym 2-3 times a week. For me, strenght workouts are also important. It’s something I take from having been an international junior athlete. I’ve aways had sports in my blood. I could not imagine my life without doing sport. Riding the bicycle is all about passion and freedom.

Going on a bike ride, to me it means escaping, feeling free, limitless, adrenaline rushing, and recharging with positive energy. It’s how I live and central to my lifestyle - like G4. First of all, G4 is all about high quality materials, and second of all it’s about great elegant design and unique appearance. When I ride, its important to feel good wearing the equipment. Yes, I like style...who doesn’t! For me it’s important to become a G4 ambassador, because I want to be part of the team and to represent the wonderful cycling clothing line which I highly admire.


Larisa Chinces Ambassadrice Cyclisme G4 Dimension maillot cuissard


My favorite G4 products are: the new Intemporel kit for women, the sleeveless women’s cycling jersey from the cool Hipster Collection, and the long-sleeved jersey from the Graphic Collection. I’ll be wearing them as often as I can, and maybe you should too!


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