I’ve been a Division 1 road racer since 2006. After a three year break, I resumed competition in 2015 with Aix-en-Provence, club that had already opened its doors to me in 2010 when I lived in Nice in order to train with Geoffroy. I ride at least a minimum of 5 to 6 times per week during the road racing in season, sometimes on mountain bikes to maintain my skills for our trips as G4 ambassadors.


I’ve loved this sport since I was young. My father and three of my uncles raced at a high level, including one who was pro in the period 1975-80. My brother and my cousin then took over the torch, especially on mountain bike where my brother was French champion in 1995. I love pushing myself to do better, setting goals and riding in the beautiful French regions ! I kept in mind the challenge to equalize my brother by bringing back a title of French Champion which has unfortunately not happened...


In 2019, I just opened my own cycling company, Les Cycles des Mille Etangs in Haute-Saône! We are specialized in marketing, rental and repair of bikes and bicycle accessories.





G4 is a high-end brand like no other, designed by Geoffroy who wants to shake up the rules of cycling kit, to make it fashionable. When he was much younger and racing for Cofidis, he used to make me laugh with the designs on his suitcases and his crazy haircuts. I didn’t know him personally, but I felt a kinship with him!


In my opinion, G4 is going to go from strength to strength, releasing collections that are totally different from other brands yet still being supremely comfortable! It’s highly likely that in five or six years time Geoffroy will be recognised for his design work. People shouldn’t be afraid to wear clothes that stand out from the crowd.


I'm a G4 fan and finally, I became an ambassador after lending Petra and Geoffroy a hand at the start. I’ve stayed faithful to them as they have to me.






My favorite clothes in the G4 ranges are numerous! The latest is the new Archange winter outfit, simply a technical and aesthetic feat, it is sensational! The high-end black summer kit from the Luxe collection is classy and truly elegant, that's maybe my favourite summer kit!


The accessories are great too! Their know-how in terms of warmers or water repellent caps is unique!


Matthieu is wearing S size (170cm - 63kg), he uses the Archange collection for his winter training. The Flash rain jacket and our cuffs are always present to accompany it during outings in high mountains. Matthieu Converset opts for the Distinguished bib which is according to him ideal for the comfort.


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