The beautiful days are approaching fast! But what should you wear to ride your bike in Spring?Spring heralds the return of beautiful and pleasant bike rides by the sea or in nature, under the bright rays of the sun! For this, it is not enough to get out your best cycling clothes but rather the most adequate clothes to ride in mid-season weather.

Indeed, you don’t wear the same cycling gear in spring or winter, your technical outfit must take into account the weather conditions.
Moreover, if you ride in the morning or in the evening, the temperature will be different and the wind will contribute to accentuate the effects of the cold on your body.

Ideal cycling gear for Spring: Instinct cycling jersey and bib-shorts, leg and arm warmers.

G4 explains and guides you to choose the best cycling clothes combining as usual style and technicality to ride as you should in this spring season!


It’s hot/cold, a real clothing dilemma for cycling?

First of all, it is important to cover up in the morning when it is cool by wearing a cycling windbreaker or a light cycling jacket that you can easily remove during the day to avoid getting too hot.

For sunny days: Sirocco short-sleeve cycling windbreaker
For cooler outings: the Sirocco long sleeve windbreaker

Between winter and summer it is important to wear multi-layered cycling clothing or several thin garments in preference to one thick garment. It will take longer for the cold to pass from one layer to another than it will for it to pass through a single thick layer.
Our G4 cycling apparel is designed with technical fabrics and fibers that allow for optimal wicking of sweat during exercise and prevent external moisture from penetrating.

Maillot de la combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0
Focus on the mesh fabric used on the sides of the Aero 2.0 cycling bodysuit for maximum breathability


At G4 we advise you on the choice of your cycling clothes according to their technicality but also their style!
To pedal like a pro during the spring season, we offer you 4 different looks that will make you look your best and surpass your limits on the road!

 •  STYLE 1 : Our trendy 2021 collection, the Contrast cycling collection for a naturally stylish look. The Contrast long sleeve cycling jersey is a windproof and insulating jersey that will regulate your body temperature during exercise.
In addition to its technicality, its style is unmatched thanks to its leaf pattern for a chic, trendy and nature-conscious look.
Wear the Contrast cycling jersey with the cycling bib-shorts of your choice, and with an essential spring accessory: the leg warmer! It will cover the rest of your leg to avoid the cold while remaining light so as not to be too hot.

 •  STYLE 2 : The elegance of azure blue at night! The Supreme Blue cycling jacket is the jacket to have in Spring for your cooler rides! It will guarantee you protection, comfort but also safety on the road thanks to its reflective pockets on the back and its reflex fabric on the sleeves.
A waterproof and windproof cycling jacket, but also light to wear with a technical undershirt underneath for your best comfort on the bike. The cycling undershirt will allow you to have a lower layer in case you get hot and can undress while remaining sufficiently covered to not catch cold.

 •  STYLE 3 : Wear the G4 colors! Our Attitude Cycling Collection is the collection worn by our Attitude Cycling Club community members. A cycling jersey with minimalist and precise finishes, giving you unparalleled comfort in both the sleeves and the chest. With its ultra-comfortable Attitude cycling shorts, thanks to our PROHD100 pad found in all our G4 shorts and tights.
You can choose between the classic blue outfit and the new trendy coral pink cycling outfit.

 •  STYLE 4 : Keep it simple and classic with the Luxe cycling suit:
An ultra-lightweight, short-sleeved, close-fitting cycling jersey made with 3 high-tech fabrics to ensure you have optimal ventilation and moisture wicking. Matched with its Luxe compression cycling shorts ideal for long sunny spring rides. With an anatomical cut that adapts perfectly to the morphology of each cyclist for a state-of-the-art aerodynamics.
Consider adding a technical windbreaker over the jersey that you can easily remove such as Sirocco or a lightweight cycling jacket like the Supreme Evolution to match with any style.

The cold penetrates especially through the extremities: hands, feet, knees, nose, ears, so do not forget for each of your outfits your essential cycling accessories.

Warmers, mid-season gloves, cycling headbands, will be your best allies for this Spring season!

Cycling leg and arm warmers made with a stretchy, slightly compressive fabric that guarantees excellent venous return during exercise.

Here are a few styles created for you, to guide you in choosing your spring outfits. Make your choices and match your G4 clothes the way you want!  Shape your style with G4!   !

The G4 Team

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