Without a doubt, the most suitable socks for cycling this winter are those made of merino wool. A very specific wool from the merino sheep that is full of benefits. Discover the benefits of this wool and the advantages of the new G4 collection! G4 merino socks are ideal for cycling because they keep your feet warm, eliminate perspiration and are antibacterial.

Benefits of merino wool

  • Strong heat retention: Merino wool is a warm wool that will wrap the foot and insulate heat to keep the foot warm all winter long.
  • Regulates perspiration: contrary to what one might think, merino wool is a fine and breathable wool. It lets perspiration and moisture escape and keeps your feet warm and dry.
  • Soft: You might assume that a wool sock is something unpleasant to wear, but it’s not! Merino wool is not itchy! It’s actually a softer fiber than regular sheep’s wool. It is very pleasant on the skin and causes a feeling of comfort and absolute well-being.
  • Light: in addition to being soft, merino wool socks are not bulky to wear. No more heavy socks and too invasive!
  • Hygienic: merino wool is antibacterial and does not retain odors.
  • Durable: very resistant, your merino wool socks are indestructible and will last you several seasons, a profitable investment for sure!

The advantages of G4 socks

In addition to enjoying all the benefits of merino wool, G4’s merino socks for men and women are atypical with colors never seen anywhere else.

They approach ultra trendy colors for winter with a mottled effect that makes the sock very elegant. Black, dark grey, blue-gray, green, brown or even ocean blue… Winter tones that will perfectly match all your outfits.

merino socks for sports and cycling
Green – Blue-gray and brown merino socks

For even more grace, 92% merino wool has been mixed with 8% elastane. This allows you to have a completely organic sock that fits your foot with refinement. Bye bye to the big, unsightly winter socks, make way for the attractive, dressy winter socks with G4!

Merinos socks best for winter on the bike
The best Cycling Winter socks

What will you wear them for? For a bike ride, a hike, skiing or for everyday wear? It’s up to you! With their ideal winter properties, G4 socks will take you anywhere!

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