The customization market in the cycling world is a popular one where brands easily label their products as “the best cycling jersey”, or “the best performing cycling shorts”, while being ultra-competitive on cheap prices. But is it really possible to have the BEST cycling apparel in your hands without paying the price? How can you tell the difference between custom cycling apparel? What justifies the price of G4 custom bike apparel?

There are many, many factors that go into deciding the price of a custom outfit. Know-how and services offered, choice of suppliers, technicality of the products, manufacturing workshop… Each step influences the price to pay, and we decided to tell you about it in all transparency!

Creation of customized bike outfits

If you are a cycling club, a group of friends who are passionate about cycling, or a team about to run a marathon, custom cycling clothes are a must! But more than that, you want to design your own cycling apparel, choose colors, sponsors and flock elements that you like and that represent you while being sure of the high-end rendering and impeccable finish of your equipment. This is why G4 Custom was born. A 100% customization service where all your desires come to life!

Customized cycling outfits for clubs

You will work hand in hand with our founder, ex-professional cyclist and designer, Geoffroy Lequatre, who will support you throughout your project and give you the best advice for the making of your bike equipment. With G4 Custom, you benefit from Geoffroy’s know-how and professional experience, with the sole purpose of obtaining a product that fits you!

Everything is possible!

To guide you in your choices, G4 offers three ranges of customization:

  • The Team range: for cyclists who go for the basics, opt for basic cuts with one or two fabrics. Simple and authentic choice.
  • The Pro range: for cyclists who are looking for performance, opt for aerodynamic cuts, play with materials and designs, for an original and competitive equipment.
  • The Luxury range: for cyclists looking for excellence, opt for cuts identical to those of our own G4 collections, go beyond any performance, let your desires speak for high-end equipment with irreplaceable technicality.

By creating these three ranges of customization, G4 assures you the expression of your own style with the best possible materials.

Haute couture fabrics

In addition to offering you a 100% individualized service, G4 justifies the price of its products through the selection of its fabrics. It took many months of research to find the materials that make all the difference once worn. French, Italian or Swiss fabrics, what is certain is that G4 is supplied by renowned factories where the greatest brands of high fashion are found.

manufacturing of customized cycling clothes

G4 has and will always strive to find innovative, high-end fabrics that enhance the performance and comfort of the rider, even in our custom designs. Here are some examples of fabrics you can use for your custom cycling apparel:

  • Powergain: a compression fabric, especially used for cycling shorts, promotes blood flow and prevents cramping.
  • Luxor: a chic, fully laser-structured fabric.
  • Light and Aero: featherweight fabrics for maximum breathability.
  • Warp and Weft: an ultra-light, high-performance fabric weighing 55 grams.
  • Wicking: an ultra thin fabric playing with transparency.
manufacture of custom cycling jerseys

Claimed as futuristic, G4 does not stop there and offers you the possibility to integrate noble materials never seen before in the cycling field such as leather, velvet or lace. Nothing is left to chance with G4, from the selection of materials to the specific finishes, hidden or visible zippers, wide, thin or colored elastics, number of integrated pockets, printable or reflective fabrics?

A world-renowned know-how

All G4 products as well as our personalized cycling gear are made in our workshops in Italy, a country with a worldwide reputation in the field of fashion and luxury.

custom made and personalized cycling shorts

What better country to design high-end, cutting-edge cycling apparel like G4’s than one with the knowledge and expertise? The cost of labor is higher, but the seamstresses are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They can offer you sumptuous finishes on your cycling clothes that you won’t see from the competition. A commitment that G4 is proud of and is not about to change.

Thus, G4 aims in the durability of its products with materials more resistant than the average and a production made by geniuses of the sewing!

They trust us! What about you?

Many teams have used our G4 Custom service and have recognized the efforts that G4 puts into the production of its products. Calling on G4 Custom is also sharing G4’s values, taking a bite out of elegant performance and, above all, moving and advancing mentalities.

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See you soon,
The G4 team

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