Who is Margot Moschetti, the new G4 ambassador?

Margot Moschetti is a French runner specializing in cross-country mountain biking and marathon running. She was recently named G4 ambassador. In an exclusive interview with G4, Margot shared her mountain bike journey, her passion for the sport and her vision for the future. During the discussion, she also gave valuable advice to both new and experienced cyclists.

A mountain biker from the hinterland of Nice

“I started mountain biking when I was about 13. Before that, I did a lot of swimming and judo, but I was tired of being confined and dependent on training schedules. My father was a mountain biker, so I joined a small club in the hinterland of Nice to get a taste of the freedom I was looking for. I participated in my first small regional round and realized that I was pretty good. So I continued and attacked my first French cups, where I finished 5ᵉ in my category. That’s when I decided to go for the high level.”

A passion from father to daughter

“My passion for mountain biking comes mostly from my father. Now, my specialty is the marathon, but before, I was doing cross-country where I won my best victories. I won several World Cups in the U23 category and I was also vice-champion of the U23 World Championship, which is one of my best memories. I have always loved the marathon, because I love long training sessions. I’ve always done a little bit of marathon running on the side, where I’ve won the French championship several times.”

The integration of women in the cycling world.

“This year I’m focusing solely on the marathon because doing both disciplines, marathon plus cross country, was getting complicated. I really want to see what I’m worth in the marathon and give it my all in that discipline this year.”

Rigor and perseverance

“As a professional cyclist, my philosophy is all about rigorous training and perseverance. Nothing comes easy in this sport, so you should never give up. If I had to give one piece of advice to a mountain biker, it would be to follow your passion and never let yourself be influenced by others, forget about judgment. It’s important to have fun in every moment.”

Women in the cycling world

“There has been progress in the inclusion of women in mountain biking, but it is still a very male-dominated environment where women are sometimes seen as randoms, so to speak. There is still a lot of progress to be made, in my opinion, regarding the inclusion of women in the world of cycling. That’s also why I’m very proud to represent brands like Liv and G4 this year. These are brands that care about the inclusion of women in sports and that emphasize femininity. I think these brands can encourage women to participate in cycling and still look stylish on the bike with feminine colors and clothing specifically designed for the female figure. “

Professional cross-country mountain biker who talks about her sporting career and gives advice on how to perform as a woman cyclist.
Margot Moschetti at the G4 showroom for her custom equipment.

“I’m happy to see that more and more brands in the cycling world are taking an interest in gender equality, and I hope to contribute to that by proving again this year on the field that a girl can be just as good as a boy on the bike.”

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