Cycling equipment to face the freezing cold in winter

In winter, the weather can be daunting for cycling enthusiasts and lovers. But the key is to have the right clothing and equipment to enjoy cycling, even in the cold! Here are some tips and advice to help you beat the cold this winter…

Prioritize hands and feet

Any rider exposed to the cold will tell you that the areas most sensitive to the cold are the extremities of the body: hands and feet! It is more than essential for a cyclist wanting to venture out into the cold to protect them first. Covering them will feel like 80% of your body is protected.

Cycling gloves for cycling in the cold and rain in winter

Ideal for fighting the cold when cycling, thanks to the combination of leather and ThermoReflect fabric these gloves are fully waterproof and windproof. They wick away moisture, protect against wind and rain, and keep you perfectly warm. In extreme weather, these gloves can be combined with under-gloves that cover you down to -30°C.

Merino wool winter socks for sports

Be careful not to underestimate the power and pain that cold can cause your feet. That’s why it’s so important to have quality socks! Merino wool socks are certainly the warmest in winter weather. This thermoregulation sheep’s wool will keep your feet warm and dry, which is more than essential for winter cycling. Learn more about the benefits of merino

Put on waterproof shoe covers for winter cycling training

Nothing is more unpleasant than wet feet. The presence of moisture intensifies the feeling of cold. These overshoes are made of neoprene, a fabric used for wetsuits in particular, and provide complete thermal insulation. The reflective details are an added bonus for your safety on the road.

Heating equipment

When it’s cold, don’t hesitate to use heating equipment, which can only do you good.

  • Hand, back and foot warmers for cyclists

These heaters are usually in the form of a patch to be stuck on your palm, back or under your foot. They release heat for about 5 to 12 hours, depending on the model, and allow you to endure low temperatures with greater ease.

  • Heated clothing

If warmers aren’t enough for you, there are also battery-operated warmers, such as waistcoats, tights, gloves or heated socks. Although they are often less specified and tailored for cycling, these heated garments may save your life when cycling in the cold.

  • Heated massage oil

Spiced, the heating oil provides a warm sensation on the skin. In addition to being pleasant, it will warm your muscles during exercise. This oil can be used mainly on the legs and thighs under the tights and on the arms. Application advice: apply with a glove and wash your hands well after use to avoid contact with the face, eyes or mouth.

Cover your head

The guts alone release 30% of the body heat. If the head gets cold, the whole body cools down and moves towards it. It is therefore to your advantage to cover your head well when it is cold!

Cover your head for winter cycling with the right cycling equipment
  • Thermo-regulating cycling cap

The cap is the right compromise for covering your head when it’s cold. Thin and light, it can easily be worn under a helmet without disturbing you or even slipping off.

  • Protective headband for forehead and ears

Essential for those who are not so cold, the thermoregulatory cycling headband will cover the parts of the head that are most sensitive to cold, such as the ears.

  • Face mask for face and neck protection

Ideal for protecting your face from the burns caused by wind and cold when cycling.

  • Integral balaclava for head, face and neck protection

The ultimate protection in case of freezing, the balaclava is our faithful ally, especially at the time of the descent when the temperatures fall and the wind makes us.

  • Protective glasses, even in gray weather

At first sight, you might think that there is no point in wearing cycling glasses in winter, because there is little sun. But the cold in your eyes is very unpleasant and can ruin your ride. So get your glasses!

The 3-layer rule under Zero degrees

Cycling base layer for cold winter cycling

An undershirt is essential if you decide to go cycling in the cold. There are different types of under-jerseys, but I recommend thermoregulation under-jerseys such as those made of merino which act as a second skin for breathability, anti-bacterial, anti-smells and perfect body heat maintenance.

The best cycling jerseys to keep you warm during your rides in the cold

The most suitable jerseys for low temperatures are those that are lightly padded on the inside and made of fabrics with windproof properties to prevent draughts from entering.

Colourful, warm and waterproof cycling jackets for cold weather cycling

There is a wide range of winter cycling jackets to choose from, depending on the temperature and humidity levels. Some are thicker than others, some are fleecy on the inside and water-resistant. Water-repellent treatments are applied to winter jackets to keep water droplets on the surface and out of the fabric. Others are more resistant and made of a completely waterproof fabric that can withstand the worst of the weather. For the cyclist’s comfort, winter jackets are designed to have strategic breathable areas such as the back and underarms. As for the front of the jacket, it has a protective windproof membrane that is very useful during mountain descents, for example, where the wind confronts you.

Cycling windbreakers to combat the cold when cycling

The winter weather often plays havoc with your body, and it is always useful and pleasant to have a windbreaker to put over your outfit for optimal protection. Very thin and light, the windbreaker is easy to carry with you, slipping into the back pocket of your jersey or cycling jacket.

A few tips to counter the cold when cycling: warm up at home before setting off and do some exercises to be ready for your ride. Also remember to bring a thermal water bottle with you, into which you can pour hot water with lemon and ginger for example, to drink on the way to warm up.

You are ready to face the cold on your bike! Don’t hesitate to give us your opinions through our social networks and to give us feedback on your winter training.

See you soon,
The G4 team

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