D-1 before the official day of the famous Black Friday! But as you will have noticed, a majority of brands have already launched the “Black Friday Week” and are offering promotions at ultra-competitive prices! It’s the opportunity for all cycling enthusiasts and professionals to stock up for the winter and find the perfect cycling equipment for the season at knock-down prices. Here’s a look back at the best deals on bikes, equipment, gear and technology for all cyclists.

What you need to train at home


Go for the indoor bike this winter! A saving of €400 on this connected home trainer that offers a true to life riding sensation, slope up to 20% and intelligent fan, this home trainer from Wahoo adapts to a large number of bikes and will make you ride for miles from your living room.

Accessories that make a difference


Whether you’re travelling or just storing your bike at home, this specially designed cycling travel bag is a stroke of genius! Minimal disassembly of your bike and no tools required. A very practical cycling accessory!


A connected GPS designed for cycling, nice no? It allows you to see your routes and data better so you can ride with confidence! No more getting lost on a ride, the Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS computer will get you home without a scratch.


This radar and tail light will warn you of approaching vehicles behind you so you don’t get any nasty surprises! Visible up to 1.6 km away, your safety on the bike will be even more guaranteed.


Ride safely with the Road ID silicone wristband. The idea is to be able to engrave emergency contact information on a stainless steel plate. A design bracelet that can save the lives of many adventurous cyclists.

Crazy deals on cycling gear

Want to treat yourself to some great cycling gear this holiday season? For Black Friday, the brand G4 Dimension is offering luxurious cycling gear for men and women at a discounted price, which hardly ever happens during the rest of the year. Now is the time to jump on the opportunity! Here is a selection of their best pieces:


Dressed in shades of grey, this unisex cycling jersey provides softness and warmth with its fleece and windproof fabrics, and is very comfortable to wear, perfect to face the season.


A lot of originality here and there! This women’s cycling jersey is a revolutionary mix of velvet, fashionable animal motifs, comfort and protection. A unique high fashion piece not to be missed!


Three in one, this men’s cycling jacket has a waistcoat and an integrated undershirt. Made of 15 Lycra fabrics, an integrated windproof membrane, fully water repellent and reflective!


Looking for an all-round jacket? Anytime, anywhere, through any weather. This unisex cycling jacket has an integrated windproof membrane, fleece interior and reflective back pockets.


These top of the range cycling tights for men are reinforced with carbon fabric on the thighs to prevent chafing and improve comfort. A ceramic fabric has been added to the seat for better resistance and durability, quality guaranteed!


To brighten up your winter cycling, add a little colour to your wardrobe! These green cycling tights for women are designed to protect you perfectly from wind, cold and winter thermal conditions.


Thermal cycling shoe cover with reflective inserts, winter fabric and neoprene to protect against cold and rain.


Made of thermo-regulating material, this light and comfortable cycling cap is perfect to protect you from the cold all season long.

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