Choosing the right clothing: road, mountain and gravel bikes

When it comes to cycling, it’s important to choose the right clothing style for each discipline. Whether you prefer road biking, mountain biking or gravel, each discipline has its own characteristics that require specific clothing. Here, we’ll explore the differences between these disciplines and help you choose the right clothing style for each.

Choosing your road bike clothing

One of the main objectives of road cyclists is to reduce air resistance in order to gain speed. To achieve this, it’s essential to choose clothing that favors an aerodynamic position.

  • The importance of a snug fit: Road cycling jerseys and shorts are designed to hug your body, providing a snug fit. Loose-fitting garments can create turbulence and slow your progress, so jerseys should be close-fitting, as should bib-shorts!
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic fabrics: Top-of-the-range road cycling garments are made from special, lightweight, aerodynamic technical fabrics, specially designed to reduce air resistance.
  • Mesh panels that make all the difference: G4 road cycling jerseys feature strategically placed mesh panels. These zones allow better ventilation and more efficient evacuation of heat and perspiration. They are often located under the arms, or at the back of the jersey.
  • The importance of bright colors: When you’re riding a road bike, visibility is essential to your safety. Bright colors greatly improve your visibility to motorists and other cyclists. Choose jerseys and accessories in neon yellow, orange or bright green to help you stand out on the road.

The Promethee bike collection brings all these points together perfectly, making it the perfect cycling collection for road cyclists!

tips for choosing the perfect road cycling clothing!
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Choosing your mountain bike clothing

Mountain biking is a demanding discipline that takes place on varied, rugged terrain. It’s essential to choose clothing that offers protection, comfort and durability.

  • Protective accessories: When mountain biking, you’re exposed to obstacles such as branches, bushes and potential falls. That’s why we recommend cuffs and leggings to protect against scratches and abrasions.
  • Tear-resistant materials: ATV clothing should be made from tough, abrasion- and tear-resistant materials. Opt for materials such as nylon or reinforced polyester, which offer greater resistance to wear and tear, thus prolonging the life of your ATV clothing.

HYPE is an ultra-resistant jersey made from 78% Nylon, designed with a fabric never before seen in the cycling world, offering unrivalled comfort and breathability.

How to dress for mountain biking? Tips and tricks for choosing the right clothes
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Choosing your Gravel clothing

When it comes to gravel riding, which involves riding on mixed roads, it’s essential to choose versatile clothing that offers optimum freedom of movement and adapts to the different types of terrain encountered.

  • Short-sleeved jerseys: Short-sleeved jerseys are ideal for gravel riding, as they offer greater freedom of movement in the arms. They allow you to pedal comfortably while benefiting from good ventilation.
  • Opt for jerseys designed specifically for gravel, with features such as extra storage pockets to carry your essential belongings on your outings.
  • Stretchy, durable fabrics: Gravel clothing should be made from stretchy, hard-wearing fabrics that adapt to your body’s movements.
  • Anti-UV jersey: When looking for gravel clothing, be sure to check whether it has an ultraviolet protection factor. UPF measures a fabric’s ability to block UV rays. Opt for garments with a high UPF, minimum 30 or more, for better sun protection.

Discover the Gaïa gravel jersey, a jersey specially designed for adventurous cyclists, bringing together all the criteria required for this discipline!

Tips for cyclists on how to dress for a bike outing.
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