Cannondale Chairside Chats: Peter "Super" Sagan (part two)

In part one of this three-part interview we talked about how Peter Sagan got into the world of cycling. Today we’re talking fashion. A topic closer to Peter’s heart than you might think. He’s just launched a limited line of casual wear, in collaboration with G4, entitled “Peter’s Flowers“, a playful polo and t-shirt which represents Peter’s softer, more romantic side. Yes, he’s a very different Super Hero off the bike!

Peter Sagan in G4

G4: You ride for a team whose roots are Italian and there’s a lot of Italian riders on the team and they’re a pretty stylish bunch. Who do you think is the most well-dressed, most fashionable?

Super Sagan Tshirt with Peter

PS: It’s hard to say. All the Italian guys look good and for them, I think it’s important.

G4: You spend more time in your G4 casual wear than you do in your team cycling kit. What’s important for you in terms of the team uniform?


PS: Above all comfort. I like the fact we don’t have to wear it with jeans. We have track pants and shorts which are smart enough to go out in, even to the shops.

So, next time you’re at the supermarket, keep your eyes peeled, you might see Peter Sagan doing the weekly shop in his G4 track suit. Back to more serious matters tomorrow in part three, when we talk about Peter’s favourite races and he explains to us how easy it is to do all those tricks!

Links: Part one, Peter’s Flowers,">Sagan Super t-shirt

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