Cannondale Chairside Chats: Peter "Super" Sagan (part one)

Currently taking part in the Tour de France, Peter Sagan, two-time green points’ jersey winner, is going for his third consecutive one. No one’s betting against him. We caught up with him before the Tour started and posed a few of our usual questions. Plus, we tried to discover the secret of his truly outstanding bike handling skills.

G4: When I spoke with your elder brother Juraj, he told me that you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised. Tell us how your sporting career started?

PS: I began first with the mountain bike because the road, you know, I thought it was boring. When I was young my father bought a small moto and I learnt to change the gears and this gave me a feeling for motocross, particularly downhill and I wanted to do this. But afterwards I started on the mountain bike. Actually, it’s important training for the road bike which I didn’t know at the time. Then later I started also racing on the roads and now I’m here in the Cannondale team.

G4: Did you play or take part in any others sports to a high level?

PS: Other sports? I played football when I was eight years old. But not for long, then I started cycling.

G4: Were you attracted to cycling because your older brother Juraj rode?

PS: Sure! He started racing and won a race in Slovakia and I said okay, I can try that too. I was always in one age-category below him.  He was winning races in his category and then I was winning in mine. It was really good!

G4: There are a lot of brothers in professional cycling; it must be nice that you and he are on same team together.

PS: Of course, he’s my best friend and because it’s family, no? We have very good relationship. We share a room when we race together or at the training camps and we talk. It’s really nice.

Check back same time tomorrow for part two of our three part chat with Peter.

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