Cannondale Chairside Chats: Peter "Super" Sagan (part three)

After yesterday’s light-hearted foray into the world of fashion, we’re back to more serious matters – bike racing. Today we talk about Peter’s favourite races and he tries to convince Petra and me that bunny hops are soooooooooo easy! Meeting with Sagan

G4: Which are your favourite road races and why?

Peter Sagan: I think the Strade Bianche here in Italy is very nice, good atmosphere. Then the best races for me are the Tour of Flanders and especially Paris-Roubaix. But they’re very hard races for the riders.

G4: How do you train to race on the pave?

PS: It’s difficult for us to train on the cobblestones because of all the other races. So it’s largely the races before those two that we use as preparation. In any race in Belgium there’s always some cobblestone stretches and just doing the race allows you to practise. Of course, Belgian riders like Tom Boonen grew up on the cobblestones – it helps.

G4: We’ve all noticed that there’s a really good ambience among the Cannondale riders with the more experienced ones mentoring the less experienced. Do you get the younger ones asking you about your amazing bike handling skills?

PS: (Laughs) No, everyone can do them. I started doing wheelies when I was eleven years old. I saw BMX riders on the TV and I wanted to try. At first, I crashed a lot. But now it’s easy for me.

G4: Yes, you make it look very easy.

PS: Although, it’s difficult to do at the end of a stage when you’re more tired.

G4: You’re also pretty handy with the bunny hops.

PS: They’re easy. You could do them!

[At this point Peter kindly explains to Petra and me how we too could do bunny hops. We remain unconvinced. I tried it once and it didn’t have a good outcome. I still have the scars].

PS: It’s easy to do a stand-alone bunny hop. You see the possibility and go for it. Although, you have to take care with a strong tailwind and high-sided wheels. But often you do them because you have to, there’s no other choice with all the street furniture. You’re not thinking about being a showman, you just do it. Downhill mountain-bikers are good at bunny hops, they do them all the time to avoid stuff.

G4: You’re not too shabby on descents either.

PS:  Yeah, I’m okay.

G4: We beg to differ. You’re more than okay and seemingly willing to take risks.

PS: Not really, it’s about taking the best line and staying relaxed.

G4: Some professional riders, even some of the bigger names, seem to have a problem particularly in the wet. But an ability to descend well can often give you an edge in a race or launch a winning move.

Lastly, we’re going to fast forward to the future. You’re bouncing your grand-children on your knee and looking back over what we’re sure will have been a phenomenally successful career. What would you like to be able to tell them?

PS: I don’t know. My career has only just started. I want to win many races and I just want to do well. We’ll see. I don’t yet know what is really possible for me.

G4: That’s so true! Thanks for your time Peter and we’ll enjoy following your career with interest.

Check back tomorrow when Petra conducts one of her famous video interviews with Peter.

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