CYCLO-CROSS: Arnaud Jouffroy is back

After six years of without CX, Arnaud Jouffroy decided to reconnect with there passion for him. At 29 years, after 8 titles of champion of France and 3 titles of world champion he returns on the muddy grounds with two objectives. The first will be personal; reconnect with the competition with a focus on the French cyclo-cross championship. The second, professional; create a school dedicated to the practice of cyclo-cross and transmit all its knowledge and experience to future champions.

Arnaud Jouffroy & G4

The complicity with the G4 brand comes first and foremost from the complicity with “the man”. Arnaud and Geoffroy rubbed shoulders when they were both professionals;

” Before knowing the brand, I knew the man, the engine, the “4L” when we were professionals him and me. Then, I discovered the G4 brand […] With Geoffroy, we met on events and I immediately loved the G4 universe. “

From this complicity was born a cyclo-cross outfit designed by Geoffroy with the ideas of Arnaud, the holding of the Jouffroy Academy …

“Geoffroy and I love the same things, the same designs, and materials so it was natural to collaborate with G4 for the Jouffroy Academy’s outfit!”

Jouffroy Academy, cyclo-cross school

The cyclo-cross school Jouffroy Academy was created following simple observation. In France, there is no cyclo-cross club to train and accompany enthusiasts of the discipline from a very young age. “There is a pool of young talents just waiting to grow.”
This cyclo-cross school will offer different services! From the training schedule to the organization of courses, to the mental and physical preparation of the riders, the Jouffroy Academy wants to be innovative in its form.
All these activities will be proposed and animated by Arnaud Jouffroy who, with his experience, will be able to advise the young shoots and make them progress!

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