Compression shorts have become a must for many professional and amateur cyclists because of their many benefits. What are they for and what is so special about them? How to choose the right compression shorts? Discover the best cycling compression shorts, created by a professional cyclist.

The advantages and benefits of compression shorts when cycling
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The 3 key benefits of compression shorts

1° Improved blood circulation

Compression cycling shorts are designed to apply targeted pressure to the thigh and buttock muscles. This localized compression promotes better blood circulation by compressing blood vessels, which can increase blood flow to the muscles and improve oxygenation of muscle tissue during exercise. Better blood circulation can help prevent blood clots, reduce the risk of muscle cramps and facilitate faster recovery after exercise.

2° Reduces muscular fatigue of the cyclist

They also help to reduce muscle fatigue by reducing muscle vibration during exercise. Thigh muscles are subjected to a lot of vibration during cycling training, which can lead to a build-up of lactate in the muscles and cause fatigue. The compression of the shorts reduces these vibrations and at the same time reduces the level of lactic acid and helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing cyclists to cycle longer and at a higher intensity.

3° Better cycling performance

With improved endurance, reduced fatigue and faster recovery, cyclists can maintain a sustained effort over a longer distance, pedal at a higher intensity and improve their overall performance on the bike.

The best compression shorts for cyclists
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Compression shorts designed by a professional cyclist

Former professional cyclist, Geoffroy Lequatre has paid particular attention to the design of compression cycling shorts. Knowing the importance of good compression bib-shorts and having used them himself throughout his career, he used his research and expertise to create a product of the highest quality.

High quality material selection

“We select our fabrics from the top manufacturers in Europe based on four main criteria: comfort, fabric strength, performance and aesthetics. Our products are then made in our workshops in Italy, equipped with a unique know-how to be able to obtain a product with optimal performance.”

Compression shorts effective against cramps, aches, blood circulation, and muscle recovery.
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“The advantage of the compression cycling shorts is that they offer the cyclist unparalleled comfort. Its compression allows the shorts to be aerodynamic and to follow the muscles’ movements perfectly. It also allows for a better fit of the chamois and therefore comfort in any position on the bike.”

Compression shorts tested and approved by athletes

G4 Dimension shorts have been tested and approved by many cyclists, known ambassadors and brand customers, making this product a best-seller. Marteen Tjallingii, former professional cyclist, Florian Rousseau, 3 times Olympic track cycling champion or more recently Margot Moschetti, cross-country champion, appreciate wearing the compression cycling shorts.

As you can see, many cyclists, both professional and amateur, have adopted compression shorts as an essential part of their cycling equipment, recognizing their positive impact on their athletic performance.

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