Keys to starting Gravel cycling

Lately, the discipline of Gravel has been on the rise! More and more cyclists are interested in it. But where does this practice of Gravel come from? What do you need to know to start Gravel? What materials and equipment should you buy? Zoom on the upcoming Gravel events.

The Origin of Gravel

“Exploring new horizons” is the philosophy of the Gravel. But where does this cycling discipline with a wilderness spirit come from? It is in the United States, in the 2000s, that the Gravel has its origins, where cyclists were looking to get off the beaten track.

Indeed, the Gravel is a mixed and hybrid bike, it combines the characteristics of the road bike and the off-road bike. Thus, the Gravel can be ridden almost anywhere with an appetite for dirt roads, imperfect trails and forest tracks in the heart of nature.

Tips on how to learn to ride a Gravel bike.

Today, the Gravel is much more than a philosophy of life. Gravel is considered a practice in its own right with its own codes, its own community and its own specific equipment. There are also now many race organizations and events dedicated to Gravel.

Gravel materials and equipment

As you can see, the Gravel requires a particular equipment. The first question is what type of bike to use for this practice?

First of all, the tires of a Gravel bike are much wider. They are between those of a cyclocross and a mountain bike. The wider tires will allow for better grip and stability on the unpaved surfaces found in Gravel. This improves the stability of the bike and helps reduce rolling resistance for easier riding on gravel roads. Also beneficial for shock and vibration absorption, wider tires are a key part of a gravel bike’s equipment.

If the tires are wider, the wheel size becomes smaller and smaller and the handlebars become wider and wider for a more comfortable seat on the bike. The dial of a gravel bike is then designed in this same optics to offer a comfortable driving position, to allow the use of wider tires, but also to easily transport material.

The material and equipment to have for Gravel cycling.

Indeed, the Gravel is associated with the spirit of adventure and discovery and it is appropriate for an adventurer to take with him what to eat, drink, repair his bike if necessary during the expedition. Thus, the dial of a Gravel bike is made to accommodate storage bags specially designed for the Gravel.

But the storage spaces are not only found on the bike. They can also be found on Gravel cycling clothing. Clever clothing with smart pockets on the jersey or shorts. Easily accessible during rides, these pockets will be very useful.

Here is a picture of what a Gravel jersey looks like: see the jersey in detail.

What cycling clothes to wear for gravelling and cycling in the wilderness.

If storage is important on the bike or with Gravel clothing, so is comfort in the saddle. That’s why it’s so important to have high quality Gravel cycling bib-shorts with a chamois that can withstand long distance riding and the shocks of a bumpy track. This will prevent painful burns and bruises.

In summary, a trail bike with wide tires, storage space on the dial, disc brakes for your safety on the trails, and smart Gravel clothing that plays for your comfort are the essential equipment for a Gravel adventure. You are finally ready!

Gravel shows and events

Get started and live your first Gravel experience! Here are the three main upcoming Gravel shows and events in France:

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