G4 launches its Gravel collection

For the first time since its creation, G4 is going off-road to explore the paths of Gravel. In other words, G4 launches its first Gravel collection named Gaïa. A collection like no other, intended for adventurers and lovers of Gravel.

What is the Gravel?

Gravel cycling is a discipline that involves riding on gravel roads, unpaved roads or light trails. Gravel cyclists can ride long distances on a variety of roads, from well-maintained bike paths to more rugged trails. Often considered a cross between road and mountain biking, Gravel is the new trend in cycling.

G4 in the era of time wishes to bring with this collection Gaïa, a new breath. A dynamic state of mind and a practice that is less competitive and closer to nature.

Why Gaïa?

The love story between the Gravel and G4 began with the meeting of Steven Le Hyaric a true adventurer and undisputed cyclist of Gravel and Ultra Endurance, founder of GravelMan. A meeting that gave birth to a first collaboration where G4 Custom to develop for GravelMan two Gravel jerseys victims of their success. It is thus in this same impetus that G4 has developed its own collection, Gaïa.

Gravel cycling jerseys for women and men.

Each collection designed and created within G4 has its own story. Gaia in Greek mythology refers to the goddess of the Earth, the creator of the world. Today, the term “Gaia” is more generally used to refer to the Earth’s entire ecosystem and the importance of caring for the planet to ensure the long-term survival of life on Earth.

Features of the Gaïa collection

Gaïa wants to be an innovative collection with functionalities especially designed for Gravel riders. Gravel clothing that is durable, smart, with an appreciation for elegance and fine finishing.

Two Gravel cycling jerseys will be added to our Gravel cycling shorts and will be revealed soon. In the meantime, here are the color codes that have been chosen for these two jerseys. Shades of blues, greens and sands have been highlighted to recall the essence of Gravel and our Gaïa collection which is very connected to nature.

Collection of cycling clothes, jerseys, shorts for Gravel.

The new Gaïa collection will be launched very soon! Be ready, in a few days, you will discover the Gravel by G4.

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