The beautiful summer days are approaching fast, it is time to equip yourself with the essential cycling accessories!
One thing not to be neglected during the summer is: a good pair of comfortable gloves!
For this, G4 has what you need and offers you its best gloves combining sun protection, lightness, comfort and elegance: the aero cycling gloves!

Our dear ambassador Panni FÖRDŐS tested them out, and is completely convinced.
Despite her recent wrist surgery, these gloves with their padded palm fit and protected her scar wonderfully from the sun’s rays.
Check out Panni’s reactions to the Aero Summer Gloves from G4!

Our ambassador Panni Fordos and her new white summer cycling gloves


“I’ll be honest with you: as a MTB rider, I don’t really like the short fingers gloves (up to now), only long fingers, because I always felt where ended the gloves fingers and I didn’t really liked that feelings. So that’s why I usually didn’t wear gloves for road training at the summer but that wasn’t either good.

When I received the Aero summer gloves from G4, I wondered when I would be able to wear them. Unfortunately, I have had wrist surgery in the meantime and have a slightly larger (and more sensitive) scar than I thought before and I knew I needed to protect it from the sun but was afraid the gloves would hurt the scar.

At the time, I couldn’t go on long hikes but I was able to test them out for a two-hour road workout. Believe me when I tell you that it was amazing! The gloves didn’t irritate the scar at all but quite the opposite, they protected from the sun!

G4 summer cycling gloves


The palm was very comfortable and soft, like a cloud because it was meticulously created with Elastic Interface’s EIT PALM technology with a seamless palm area. This cycling glove respects the anatomy of your hand and helps improve your blood circulation and reduce nerve pressure!

Seamless anatomical foam on the palm of the hand

And what makes it more comfortable like holding a cloud? The position of the padding because it’s the inside of the palm that will act as an interface between the hand and the handlebars. You don’t feel like you’re wearing gloves!

After my surgery, my wrist still doesn’t feel right and that part of my skin is still very sensitive, but when I wore the G4 summer cycling gloves, I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable! I only had one feeling: I didn’t want to take them off!

G4 gloves tested by Panni

Like what, I never thought, not even for a minute, that I would like short gloves one day, but it was love at first sight!

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new pair of gloves, buy these, the Aero ones from G4, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!”

The G4 Team

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