ELLE & G4 - 1st episode: The encounter

Today’s the start of our ELLE & G4 adventure. In this first article, we find Geoffroy Lequatre and Morgane Moinard commencing their training. If you want to know who they are, find their biographies in the following link.

In this initial meeting encounter, our two cyclists plan how best to prepare for their objective. Today’s discussions include:

  • Fitness after the Christmas holidays.
  • The background to their objective, the www.parisnicechallenge.com/us/">Paris-Nice Challenge.
  • How best to prepare for this parcours.
  • Training plans.


Geoffroy Lequatre explains how this challenge came about:

“The project ELLE & G4 originated from a discussion among our friends about their sporting activities. Morgane Moinard was there and she shared her most recent sporting experience, www.lasaharienne.fr/en/">La Raid Saharienne, held back in November 2016. Since then, the winter weather and seasonal festivities have rather curtailed our sporting activities.

So, we started to think about challenges for the New Year to regain our fitness and form. Of course, during the winter, it’s even more essential to pay attention to one’s recovery to avoid injury. And even more important not to underestimate the preparation required to achieve one’s objectives. Morgane, being super-motivated for the new season, asked me if I could give her a helping hand. It’s a totally new experience for her to be guided by a former professional rider. It’s also a new opportunity for me and one I accepted with real pleasure. It’ll be great for both of us.

First of all we had to decide upon a challenge. It had to meet a number of criteria such location, difficulty and available preparation time. Morgane likes to vary her activities and, had already decided that the next one would be on the bike – suits me just fine! Variety keeps you on your toes, helps you to further develop and ensures you work all parts of your body. Besides, too much of the same routine becomes monotonous. So that’s when we thought about the www.parisnicechallenge.com/us/">Paris-Nice Challenge.

This event perfectly met our criteria. This is a one-day challenge, taking place on the Côte d’Azur, in around six weeks’ time. It gives Morgane enough time to resume her level of fitness while still allowing her time to take care of her family and work. The www.parisnicechallenge.com/us/">Paris-Nice Challenge offers two different routes: 110km and 80km. We decided to opt for the 80km course which is the right length for an early season objective.

At our first meeting, we looked at the calendar to ensure there was enough time for training, family, work and, importantly, recovery time. It all worked out well, without any compromise. My training plan will have Morgane riding the same roads as her husband, a professional cyclist who will most probably take part in Paris-Nice, thereby giving Morgane a taste of his life.

I first had to determine her level of form and expertise, understand her desired outcomes and how she wants to prepare for this objective. We then took into account all her recent sporting activities and then looked at her motivation. She’s very determined and totally committed – very encouraging. We have set up a weekly plan which will enable us to track and analyse the details.

There are a number of factors we need to take account of in The www.parisnicechallenge.com/us/">Paris-Nice Challenge, including climbs of six to seven kilometres in length and an undulating and occasionally technical route. It’s an event that’s going to require an effort of three to three and a half hours in the saddle, on the day, from our G4 Ambassador. From my analysis, I draw up a detailed training and specific training plan for Morgane.

At the end of our meeting over a meal and a good bottle of wine, I already had a good idea about her physical condition and form, sufficient to offer her a training plan. This plan requires 2-3 rides each week and/or other activities, one of endurance the other specific to the challenge, to start the initial phase of fitness recovery. The plan is punctuated with periods of rest and recovery leading up to The Paris-Nice Challenge on 11 March.”

But that’s all for this week, see you again next time for the second installmentt of ELLE & G4. Meanwhile, can I encourage you to think about doing something similar!

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