Cycling and football? Why should our sport be used more in the world of team sports as part of a physical preparation?


France is a pool of great talent. Athletes are present in all fields and make the glory of the country throughout the world. The two most popular sports on our territory are cycling and football. They share the love of spectators whether they are on the road or in the stadiums. Similar in their evolutions, a link can be made between these two sports as part of a physical preparation. Cycling could become an essential element in the physical preparation of a team sport like football.

France has some of the greatest cyclists (Julian Alaphilippe, Thibaut Pinot, Romain Bardet …) and the greatest footballers (Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe …) of the planet. With some of them a common passion to the image of Thibaut Pinot absolute fan of Paris-Saint-Germain.

No, cycling and football are not incompatible!

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It is no longer a secret for us amateurs and professionals, the practice of cycling has many benefits!

Cycling benefits include health benefits.

It improves morale and helps reduce stress. Cycling is a way to escape, to ignore the time of a walk all the problems of everyday life. We know that moral problems have an influence on injuries sustained by athletes. The practice of cycling would be an interesting way to reduce them.

Indeed, the bike is regularly used in the recovery phases! We can practice it even with certain injuries (tendinitis, sprains, slight fractures …). This will help to keep a good physical condition while being away from the fields for several weeks / month …

The trajectory of the career of the young Remco Evenepoel allows us to take full measure of the benefits of cycling. Originally a great talent of Belgian football, an injury forced him to stop his career before becoming a double world cycling champion in the junior categories and to be since the beginning of the year 2019 a professional cyclist.

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The decline in the number of injuries contracted is not the only positive point of cycling in the physical preparation of team sports. Improving morale will help strengthen cohesion within the “group” because cycling is synonymous with team spirit.

Indeed, the team spirit that comes with practicing our sport is a great way to make a group of people closer together because of the values ​​of cycling and its ability to reduce the stress and tension that can to be important problems in the management of a group.

As we all know, a group that lives well is a group that can achieve great things and achieve results that he could not have dreamed of at the beginning of the season.

Setting up a “phase” of cycling in a physical preparation can therefore be one of the triggers for the realization of an exceptional season and surpassing all the predictions made before. Element that we found during this 2018 World Cup with the coronation of France.

Linking cycling to football allows an effective and decisive physical preparation!

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