Why ride in tights for the winter?

Summer  is over!  Sunshine mornings, the temperatures around 25 ° C in the morning, warm afternoons …  We are in the mid-season and it becomes difficult to get dressed for rides.

But autumn is still one of the most beautiful seasons to ride: Nice temperatures at the beginning of the ride, the peak of the sun for the coffee stop and the slight breeze wind in your back … lot of cyclists will recognize these sensations!

But how to adapt your outfit on the saddle? How to be visible and safe for the winter?

Answer with the G4 tights bib short.


Long  tights are comfortable?

Yes, it is possible to be comfortable in his shorts and to keep warm, even with low temperature. The tights have been designed to fit all weather conditions in both mid-season and winter: You can find on our tights some reinforced protections made of carbon fabric, the Pro HD 100 reinforced Pad, fews reflective strips on the hips and, of course, breathable and thermo regulator fabrics.


Our winter collections have been designed to suit all cyclists, both amateur and professional. The Double Pro-Pad has been created for long journeys of rides.

Depending on the level of range, technicality and fabrics of our tights, they can be used between 15 °C and -5 °C. For example, our top-of-the-line tights, the Archangel tights is made with more than 7 thermo regulator fabrics.




Security, more than an asset


Security and visibility are one of our new challenge . Unfortunately, there is still accidents involving a cyclist and it’s always too important to forget.

Geoffroy, as pro former cyclist, know about the situation of how riding in the winter can be dangerous face of drivers. They are sometimes distracted and they do not care about cyclist’s rules..

With this in mind, we have developed products with lot of  reflective inserts, on the jacket and on the tights also.

For example, the Archangel tights have Wind stopper inserts reflecting on the knees and thighs, a ceramic insert on the seat and a carbon fabric for optimal protection of the strategic areas of the thighs.


It’s important to be seen on the road and visibility is not a detail but your safety.

And what about women?


For us, woman ranges are in the spotlight also: Our women’s tights have an anatomical cut at the hips another  Pro HD 100 Pad adapted to the female morphology.

A doubled, comfortable and streachable fabric band at the stomach.


Men and women have different needs, expectations and demands. Our tights and long shorts are designed and adapted to both morphologies, the reinforcements and foams were arranged and studied according to the anatomy of each one.

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