Since its creation, G4 has opted for compression fabric in the development of its high-end cycling shorts for men and women.
G4 compression shorts are the BEST SELLERS in our range of shorts!

“The compression shorts are THE basic shorts that everyone should have in their cycling wardrobe.

But why are these shorts so popular with our customers? What is the importance of compression fabric on the bike?

Discover in this blog all the benefits and the formidable technicality of our compressive cycling shorts for your trainings or your cycling races.





Our various ambassadors and friends of the brand were the first to test the comfort of the compression cycling shorts. A flawless performance from the start!
Indeed, the difference between compressive and non-compressive cycling shorts can be felt from the very first use. The unmatched comfort remains even after hours in the saddle!

Our top of the line compression (and even non-compression) fabrics come from the biggest and best manufacturers in Europe. Geoffroy always chooses each fabric with precision and thoughtfulness to guarantee quality, comfort and uniqueness for each G4 cycling garment and accessory.




The main effect of the compression fabric in cycling shorts is the good support on the bike as well as this unique sheathing effect, at the level of the buttocks and hips.
Be careful, compression does not necessarily mean too tight and blocking the circulation. On the contrary!
The compression has been carefully designed to provide the perfect amount of compression. A pleasant and elastic compression for the cyclist with a minimum elasticity of 22 or 24%.



The more intense the effort, the more the body needs to eliminate and breathe. This is why compression fabric is the perfect fabric. It will have an impact on blood circulation (at the level of arteries and oxygen distribution) in order to avoid blockages and cramps.
It is the compression that will improve the venous return of the cyclist! Thanks to this, the toxins will be quickly eliminated and thus it strongly reduces the risks of injuries.




The first compression bib-shorts created by G4! This unique fabric covers the entire short, with the addition of nice, lightweight, anti-allergenic straps.
The compression also offers good aerodynamics compared to a “classic” type of fabric.
The cut has been designed with a high waist for optimal support of the pelvis and good posture on the bike.
For an even greater compression effect, you will find a G4 jacquard elastic on the bottom of the bib-shorts.

In addition, the compression shorts are equipped with our PROHD100 pad, a new concept of double honeycomb foam that provides breathability, ventilation and inimitable comfort for a long time.
If you haven’t tried our skin yet, now is the time to try it in the compression bib-shorts, a universal short for all types of needs and desires.


Focus on our PROHD100 pad




G4 thinks about the comfort of women on the bike and for this reason adapts each of its models for women in a rigorous way.

The women’s compression shorts have no straps, but are cut to fit around the pelvis to provide excellent support without straps.
For comfort, as with the men’s, you will find an elastic band on the bottom of the cycling shorts as well as the PROHD100 pad specially designed for women’s needs.



Now you know more about our compression cycling shorts! Feel free to give us feedback on your experience with G4 compression fabric on our social networks!


The G4 team