This week-end is L’Etape du Tour, the best Gran Fondo Event for cyclists. Each year, it brings nearly 15,000 cyclists who defy one stage of the Tour de France! This year is the stage between Albertville and Val Thorens, 135 km and nearly 4600 meters of elevation gain, a real challenge.

Every year, the G4 team is present at the exposition of l’Etape on Friday and Saturday and then takes part in the start of the race on Sunday.

This event thrills more than one amateur cyclist who enjoys riding in the same conditions as the Tour de France; a closed road, a unique and identical stage an organization by ASO. However this ride is not to be taken lightly, it is not given to everyone to complete such a bike ride. This is why we will give you some tips to better approach this journey. Then Geoffroy (founder of G4 and former professional cyclist) and Benjamin (members of the G4 team and amateur cyclist) will give you their vision of this famous Stage of the Tour and what it represents for them.


G4 advices


  • Stay calm the week before the event! Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice in search of sensation and challenge, it is not interesting to train during the last week before the Stage … preparation starts well before the event, you are physically ready or no ! But these few days remaining will not allow you to be stronger, they can also be fatal.
  • Do this with friends! This type of race pushes you in your limits, there will be very difficult moments mentally. At that moment, you will be satisfied enough to have someone to reboost you and make you want to finish this challenge
  • Refueling, an obligation! Of course, you are on a timed competition, but do not forget to stop at the various refueling points offered by the organization. It is better to lose a few minutes by giving energy than to lose 30 minutes because of a hunger!
  • Go to booth G4 the day before and two days before the event! Our team is present on the stand to welcome you and advise you. Obviously, you need a good equipment to face climbs like the one leading to Val Thorens, we will have everything you need on our booth B14


The Geoffroy Lequatre Étape


L’Étape du Tour, I had heard of course! As a pro rider you are interested in these races where you know that more than 15000 amateurs take part in the same stage as the professionals! But I had never lived it!

Well yes you have to live to understand and what is a stage of the Tour!

In 2010, rider at Radioschack and not having the opportunity to participate in the Tour, I am invited by ASO with my friend Sébastien Chavanel who was a runner at the FDJ to participate in the stage of the Tour. It was Pau / Le Tourmalet!

The day before the village, is packed, you go get your number, you walk in the village, you meet all the actors of cycling, brands, news, it’s just before Christmas time for the passionate of bike ! It is even at this moment that the idea of ​​G4 is born! be part of the cycle industry to bring my pro vision of high-end and stylish clothing!

The day before, you can feel the pressure by talking with these passionate amateurs “am prepared enough for tomorrow? did I eat enough? How will I approach the stage and its difficulties, have I trained enough? How will the weather be tomorrow? So many questions that I ask myself now.


“4:45 am I am awakened by the swelling of the wheels in the street in front of the hotel! But no I dream or what, 2 hours before the start, the passionate are already in the streets ready to fire! I thought, “They are crazy there!”

In what was my surprise arriving early in the morning on the starting line. Whaouuuu! Awesome! Incredible fervor and enthusiasm around a test of a day reserved for the amateur to live the same experience that we Pro! 15000 furious ready to do battle stood here last us!

The race is started, it rubs like a race from the first KMS! the level is at the appointment and everyone starts to the board! L’Étape du Tour is the world championships for most participants!

We will finish this leg of the Tour quietly with my Petra and Seb, we took pleasure and we were able to share our passion with many competitors who also see this event as a nice outing with friends and friends to enjoy a great cycling experience and to realize the hardness of the test!

I advise you all to participate in this kind of event once in your life as a passionate cyclist.


The Benjamin Étape


“In 2019, it will be my second participation in the Etape du Tour, after Briançon l’Izoard in 2017! For me who am amateur and passionate about cycling, this cyclosportive, at first it’s a way to launch a sporting challenge (I never realize this type of course to training). In a second time, it is the possibility to ride of the most prestigious cycling race in the world in ideal conditions! The road is completely closed to traffic, there are supplies at strategic locations, 15,000 other cyclists … We even have the chance to be encouraged by the famous Devil of the Tour! We could believe it and that’s what makes the event unique!

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