We are back today for the third episode of our tips series.
Today, Geoffroy Lequatre introduces you to the technicality and history of our G4 cycling bib-shorts.


Our Black Prestige cycling bib-shorts and its technical jersey


Thanks to his experience as a former professional cyclist, Geoffroy has been able to develop over the years a range of high quality cycling bib-shorts that has satisfied all of our customers and meet the needs of all cyclists, professional or amateur.
A lot of work has gone into the development of each of our technical cycling bib-shorts, both in terms of the choice of materials according to their technical nature and also in terms of design, to offer you comfortable and high-performance cycling bib-shorts that are worthy of the high quality of G4.

At G4, quality is the main element we focus on when creating all of our cycling bib-shorts.



Because each G4 bib short is unique and meets different cycling needs, we are here to help you choose your technical bib short. Discover all the details that make a difference!




A timeless cycling bib-short that pays homage to elegance in cycling. Developed in two colors, white or black to give you a variety of choices on this exceptional cycling bib-short. Prestige is the very first white cycling bib-shorts in our range, the best way to innovate and push cycling elegance to the limit.



The Prestige cycling bib-shorts have been designed with a brand new 3D honeycomb structured compression fabric and a Power Gain fabric for an optimal level of compression. In addition, both Prestige cycling bib-shorts feature innovative invisible straps.



We have also developed a women’s version of the Prestige, which is our only women’s shorts with shoulder straps for better shoulder support.




Instinct is the cycling collection created exclusively for demanding enthusiasts looking for novelty and innovation, this cycling collection combines lightness and technicality thanks to a brand new warp and weft fabric, our 4-way ® fabric, as well as a ceramic insert fabric for the base, but also a UV50 treated fabric for your best protection.

In addition, we decided to structure the Instinct cycling bib-shorts with a laser for a perfect finish and minimalist details!



In terms of design, we have chosen something pure: black and white that will ensure elegance and optimal dynamic behavior.





Luxe is G4’s sophisticated and understated cycling collection. Its cycling bib-shorts are coated in a sumptuous black combined with silver finishes and buttons, inspired by the glamorous values and heritage of the French Riviera.



When it comes to technical features, the Luxe cycling bib-shorts are made with LUXOR® fabric and an anatomical cut for unparalleled aerodynamics and freedom of movement. Combined with a laser-structured compression fabric for an optimized pedal stroke and used in the time suits of professional cyclists.

Also available are the Luxe cycling shorts for women, a more practical strapless short for ladies but still with that unmatched class and comfort.





The Compression cycling bib-shorts are our flagship and must-have cycling bib- shorts from G4 that will give you compression, comfort and endurance!



The Power Gain compression fabric used provides a sheathing effect on the buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach for better blood circulation and reduced water retention. There are also women’s compression cycling bib-shorts, a classic and authentic cycling shorts that every woman must have in her cycling wardrobe!



All G4 cycling bib-shorts have been created to make you look good in all circumstances.




The Pro 100 HD chamois pad is the centerpiece of all of our cycling bib-shorts, and is what makes the product exceptional. It’s what makes our cycling bib-shorts exceptional. It’s what cushions the impact on the road and wicks away the sweat from the activity. It is the result of a long and thorough research in terms of comfort and performance to offer you the best possible pad on the market that will accompany you for many years.



Its concept is very simple, that of a double foam: the first foam is memory foam with a density of 100kg per m2. It is this foam that gives this inimitable comfort to the shorts.

On the surface, the second foam is a honeycomb fabric that will provide the softness and ventilation necessary to avoid injury and not be too hot on the bike.



Many professional cyclists have chosen our PROHD100 pad shorts from G4 for their quality and performance and are very happy with them!

Find out more about the technical features of our cycling bib-shorts by Geoffroy Lequatre in our new video: G4 TV – Episode 3: G4’s Tips!



The G4 Team