It’s summer since a few days, after this week of heat wave you are probably wondering which cycling outfit to opt for optimal comfort during high temperatures. Discover or rediscover in this article the Instinct outfit, the most advanced outfit of G4 collections. The expertise and know-how of Geoffroy Lequatre at the service of cyclists!

During high temperatures the effort is even more difficult and cyclists generally prefer morning outings. G4 offers you the possibility to ride with the lightest, the finest and the most technical cycling outfit on the market.  The same outfit that will allow you to ride even on the hottest days.


The G4 workshops have achieved the unimaginable, the Instinct jersey is one of the lightest on the market. The fibers and fabrics composing this outfit allowed to reach a level of lightness almost unique in the world, 87 grams.

This collection is clearly dedicated to enthusiasts in search of novelty and innovation. This level of technicality and lightness has been achieved thanks to our new 4-way® fabric

The lightness of a fabric goes hand in hand with its ability to wick away perspiration. The fineness of the fibers of our 4-way® fabric allows our body to evacuate in the best way the transpiration produced and this combined with the fact that the jersey is worn like a real second skin which limits the production of perspiration from our body.

You are probably wondering if such lightweight fabrics are effective against the sun’s rays. Know that the different tissues composing this piece of an exceptional technicality are equipped with a UV50 + treatment to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

In other words, this piece is an alliance between the different assets that a cycling outfit can possess. It combines lightness with unique features for unparalleled comfort and practicality in the world of cycling.
If you’re a regular cyclist during the summer, the Instinct jersey is just right for you. It is the main key to your comfort on the saddle with the bib shorts of the same collection!



Think “Instinct”, wear the performance! Think “Instinct”, wear elegance! Here is the sentence that could define the technicality and authenticity of this bib shorts.
299€, it’s the sum that you will have to pay to grant you this unique piece. The question of the price is not so simple, that’s why we have entirely dedicated an article that we invite you to discover on the price of G4 bib shorts and more particularly the Instinct.

The essential element, our Pro 100 HD pad is obviously present on this exceptional piece. It is the centerpiece of all G4 shorts, it allows you to travel hundreds of kilometers for unchanged comfort  over the hours.

We currently equip around 20 professional cyclists with our Pro 100 HD pad. The most comfortable and durable according to them!
Our Instinct bib shorts are the best example of the G4 range in terms of fabrics. It is the lightest of our collections thanks to its 1mm and 2mm perforated fabric designed with laser at the thighs. This technicality is combined with our 4-way® fabric designed with ceramic inserts and our “sensitive” ultra light braces.

Of course, this cycling outfit designed for sunny outingds is treated with UV50 to protect you from the sun’s rays even at the highest temperatures.
Finally, the compression effect that given by this bib shorts at the thighs and buttocks shakes the legs and promotes blood circulation in the muscles. All for better oxygenation of the muscles and thus better performance on the saddle.



Finally, as for the vast majority of our outfits, the Instinct collection has its own pair of socks.

The Instinct outfit is designed for the summer, the socks of the collection are also! They are the last essential accessories thanks to their anti-perspiration system and an incredible flexibility for an optimal comfort in the shoe.

Made of lightweight, antibacterial and hypoallergenic polyamide fibers, they eliminate odors by keeping feet cool for superior tear abrasion resistance.

Of course, the Instinct socks are composed of two colors with a white face and a black face to remind the rest of the outfit for a flawless elegance from head to toe.



The Instinct collection is not part of the most colorful G4 collections. The design of this outfit goes hand in hand with the expression “simple and efficient”. Two most popular colors on the cycling market for a unique elegance.

A black bust, white sleeves and the white back for sleek design of this collection. The originality of the outfit is through its technical characteristics!
We can observe on the sleeves and back relatively thin and spaced fibers forming patterns in the form of checkerboard. The fineness of this part of the jersey allows to show through the skin of the cyclist through the fibers.

The holes on the Instinct bib shorts give it a different look from the other shorts. Basic more present in the outfit for a technical problem than of design they make it possible to differentiate itself from the other bibs present on the market and to offer a touch of originality in this simple and refined outfit.

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